Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Goodbye Puto-Dinuguan, Hello Cheese Roll-Dinuguan

One of the prominent food combinations in the Filipino food fare that I seriously love is this puto (rice cake) and diniguan (pork blood stew). The combination of salty and sour-y flavor of dinuguan goes perfectly smooth with the sweet and fluffy flavor of puto. But last weekend, as I revisited one of Manila’s pride, The Aristocrat Restaurant in Malate, I discovered a whole new world of Pinoy Merienda that brought my love to our own dishes to a new level.

Famous from its home-cooked Pinoy dishes, including tasty barbecues, the Aristocrat Restaurant is gaining more popularity with the creation of their amazing and tummy-filling Pinoy Merienda that are set to whet one's appetite at a pocket-friendly.

I remember when I was kid, this Aristocrat Restaurant in Malate is the ONLY place in Manila where family-related celebrations usually happen. May it be a birthday celebration, baptismal, wedding reception and even just a simple family gathering, The Aristocrat caters to everything fun, happy and cozy. And with the growth of the food chain that started from a small food truck in Las Pinas, The Aristocrat is now a household name for good dishes and homey feel all over the metro.The growth of its chain give birth to new set of menu, hence the creation of Pinoy Merienda that I enjoyed last weekend.

Whatever the weather is, The Aristocrat has prepared something for everyone to enjoy. For sunny and humid afternoon, one could enjoy their great-tasting Sago Gulaman to cool down. And on a chilly rainy afternoon, one could find comfort from their local Tsokolate Eh, a thick and creamy hot chocolate, which is a good relaxant.

Sago Gulaman and Tsokolate Eh

If the hot chocolate is not enough to fill you up, here at The Aristocrat you'll get to enjoy their filling lugaw or porridge. Choose from their two variants that spell nothing but Philippine culture and history.

Arroz Con Caldo - Php120.00

Pospas de Gallina - Php120

To those who are also not aware of these variants, Arroz Con Caldo is our ordinary rice porridge with slices of beef innards, while the Pospas de Gallina is the rice porridge with chicken.

Moving on, one of the famous partners of rice porridge is the Tokwa't Baboy. A sweet-sour-y combination of tofu and pork meat swimming in a pool of vinegar and soy sauce with onion, chili and some other ingreaients.

Tokwa't Baboy - Php145.00

Another option that goes well with the rice porridge is this Aristocrat's original merienda dish, the Aristocrat Flying Saucer Adobo.

Aristocrat Flying Saucer Adobo - Php100.00

A deconstructed adobo filled sandwich, this Aristocrat Flying Saucer Adobo is said to be one of the oldest dishes that Aristocrat has, even before they are just a food truck in Las Pinas. Promise, this one is a must try when having merienda here at Aristocrat.

Pancit Luglug - Php190.00

Lumpiang Ubod Sariwa - Php90.00

Aside from porridge, Aristocrat also offers delectable healthy meals that are perfect for health-conscious individuals. For seafood lovers, indulge on their creamy Pancit Luglug topped with tasty seafood toppings and garnishes. For something light and veggie, one of my ultimate favorites from Aristocrat, their Lumpiang Ubod Sariwa, is made to fill one up without feeling too bloated.

Puto - Php60.00 / Dinuguan - Php150.00

And since we're on the topic of favorites, Artistocrat's Puto-Diniguan is undeniably a top favorite on my list here at Aristocrat. But did you know that their home-baked Cheese Rolls made Dinuguan experience a whole lot better last weekend?

And by "a whole lot better", I mean THE BOMB! Like a million of goodness exploding in my palette! This is indeed the ultimate comfort food That I would love to have every time I have Aristocrat's Pinoy Merienda.

Torta delos Reyes - Php85.00

Capping off my afternoon here at The Aristocrat Restaurant, Malate, Manila is this frozen dessert, which they call Torta delos Reyes. Layers of white and brown wafer, sandwiching heavenly chocolate icing - LOOK AT THAT, isnt it wonderful? Hahaha!

If these are the dishes that will be offered to me during merienda time, I would definitely skip anything that I'm working on just to find my piece of heaven with these delights.

Aristocrat's Pinoy Merienda are available at all Aristocrat Restaurants in the country.

Hapy Eating!

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