Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Best of Ilocos At Herencia Cafe

Pinakbet, Bagnet, Empanada, and a whole lot more! When we heard of Ilocos, these food are definitely in our minds, but did you know that in Herencia Cafe, one of the oldest in the region,  is now offering something that's suits the palette of the new and old generation. And your Lafanggero is happy to share these amazing food finds that I enjoyed during my recent visit to the historic and photographic Ilocos Norte.

Herencia Cafe, which is said to be the birthplace of Pinakbet Pizza, is located at the very heart of the peaceful town of Paoay in Ilocos Norte. Directly fronting the photographic and historic UNESCO World Heritage Site, Paoay Church or the Church of Saint Augustine, Cafe Herencia offers the best of the region twisted in a contemporary way, which is definitely can be enjoyed even by the young generation.

And during our visit here with my friends, we were lucky enough to have a good weather and a readily available table. Usually, according the staff who assisted us with our orders, this place is packed during vacation season. With people from different parts of the world trying their version of the renowned Ilocano dishes, Cafe Herencia is considered a gem worth experiencing in this part of the country.

Upon getting comfortable on our seats, we asked for the menu and order the best that they could offer. It will usually take quiet a lot of time for your meals to come, so right after we gave out our orders, we decided to look around and the appreciate the place on our own.

The facade of Herencia Cafe shares this "Intramuros" feel that I find so homey. Though some parts may look so modern, the cobblestone walkway and carved stones and woods around the cafe show that historic angle of the place that matches well with the whole town. There are some small table available outside, perfect if you are here in the morning or late afternoon. The view of the picturesque Paoay Church is in sight sharing this peaceful yet very inspiring view.

Though parking may sometime be a problem, there are some guards around the area ready to assist their guests, so don't worry if in case you come in here with a car.

As for the interior of the place, if it happens that you had a chance to live in your old folks' home, Herencia Cafe has definitely something that will give you that feel. From the metallic golden pitchers and goblets, the crocheted table covers and coasters, to the grand piano standing in one corner waiting for someone to play it, there's this homey feel inside that wouldn't intimidate you and will make you eat more. And adding color to the whole place, aside from the very beautiful red shiny floor, colored glass serving as ceiling dividers were to be found too inside this cafe.

After some 20 minutes of waiting for our orders, the assigned staff for us called us out to feast on the offering that speaks of Ilocos Region. Steaming out of the Herencia Cafe kitchen, here are the dishes that we ordered, so feast your eyes on!

Pinakbet - Php110.00

Crispy Dinuguan - Php150.00

Sinigang na Hipon - Php240.00

Bagnet Pizza - Php110.00

With plain white rice along those dishes, indeed, Ilocano flavors is the love! And the best part of this experience, the Bagnet Pizza is definitely one of the must-try from this place - aside from their famous Pinakbet Pizza, of course. We opted to have this kind of pizza instead, by the way, because we believe that there's still nothing that could topped the classic Pinakbet. Hehe.

Just take note that the price on their menu does not include the 12% VAT, but there's no service charge here, so I'm sure that you'll really enjoy visiting and staying here in Herencia Cafe. They also have these packed Ilocano delicacies that you can avail upon leaving the place, so feel free to bring home some Ilocano goodness that your family and friend can enjoy!

 Thank you, Herencia Cafe! Happy eating, everyone!


  1. Kakagutom naman!

    I love your photo of the Paoay Church. I hope to visit Ilocos at sana pagbisita ko, the sky would be as blue :-)

    1. Thank you for dropping by! Summer is the perfect time to see Ilocos Norte. :)

  2. Hi nice pics. Does Herencia serve breakfast? Do you know what time they opein the morning? Cheers!

    1. Hi! I'm not sure if they are serving breakfast, But when we arrive there at around 12 noon, they are already open and serving some guests. :)


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