Thursday, August 22, 2013

Burger King's New: A More Fillet-vorful Chicken Sandwich

Just before Maring and Habagat submerged the whole Luzon to flood, a more fillet-vorful chicken sandwich is making its to way the taste bud of every lafanggero in the metropolis. And with its crispy and flavorful look sure to share to everyone that filling experience, Burger King Chicken Crisp Fillet Sandwich is a must-try this season!

From the original home of the Whopper comes juicier, more “FILLET-vorful” chicken sandwich in the market set to crave every Lafanggero's palette with it two variants everyone would love - the Chicken Crisp Fillet Garlic Mayo and the Chicken Crisp Fillet Honey Mustard.

Two of the country's most loved taste, I was able to indulge on these freshly prepared sandwiches last Saturday in Burger King E-Com Two in Mall of Asia Complex.

The hand-pressed, breaded and immediately deep-fried to transfat-free oil chicken fillets came juicy and tasty, just enough to give me that crunch I enjoyed in my every bite. The crisp, fresh and green lettuce added sweetness to the well-cooked chicken fillet. But what makes the whole experience really good was sauces that are generously smothered in every sandwich.

The sweet and tangy honey mustard is perfect for slow days since I personally find it comforting and homey, while the zesty garlic mayo with real garlic bits gives that stimulating taste perfect to give you boost in your day.

Made available in all Burger King store in Metro Manila, these more FILLET-vorful chicken sandwiches are priced at Php55.00 a sandwich, Php85.00 when you order it with regular fries and regular Coke, or Php100.00 if you want it with regular fries and float.

Aside from dine-in and take-out, you can also have these Burger King Chicken Crisp Fillet Sandwich through Burger King Delivery hotline 667-7171.

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