Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cronut Craze hits Krispy Kreme

Aside from their delectable and sometimes colorful doughnuts, the world's number doughnut chain, Krispy Kreme, now joins the cronut craze in the Philippines sharing the most delicious and refreshing taste everyone will have a hard time to resist. A hybrid of two delectable baked creations, croissant and doughnut, Krispy Kreme now offers Krispy Kroissant, their version of cronut.

Currently available in 4 refreshing and luscious variants, all set to to take everyone's cronut experience to a different height, these Krsipy Kroissants that I was able to try with my family last day, share not only the goodness of the world-renowned doughnuts but also exciting and thoughtfully-baked croissant crunch that has been creating buzz all over town.

The Apple Cinnamon Flavor - the invigorating aroma of cinnamon made more appealing with its ultimate partner, apple, this Krispy Kroissant flavor is perfect for rainy days like this to keep your nerves calm may you be at home or inside your favorite Krispy Kreme store.

Apple Cinnamon

The one that should not be missed, the refreshing taste of Strawberry in this Krispy Kroissant is definitely one of my favorites. Its sweet and sour taste that blends well with the sweet and crunchy flavor from the cronut is one that can be enjoyed by kids and kids at heart.


For those who want something that is sweet and mild, the Vanilla Cream is something that goes along with any drink that you wanna have. May it be coffee or chocolate, soda or even fresh fruit juice, this flavor is so adaptive to everything give you the best cronut experience you could ever imagine.

Vanilla Cream

And lastly, the one that is just perfect and truly the "love",  the Chocolate flavor of Krispy Kroissant is the one you should always have in your mix every time you order these delectable new offerings from Krispy Kreme. Its Belgian chocolate ganache covering the top part of the cronut is just enough to give you that smacking enjoyment you've been looking for a perfectly baked cronut.


So, if you haven't tasted any cronut yet, well, don't be left behind. With hundreds of Krispy Kreme stores all over the Philippines, there's no more reason or excuses not to enjoy this filling, crunch and delightfully delicious baked creations from one of our favorite doughnuts chain.

Happy eating!


  1. Thanks for this! Been wanting to know what a cronut was and thank God I saw your post.

  2. wow.. It looks sooo yummy I never tried it yet.. Hopefully soon,how much does a box cost? :) Thanks for sharing this.

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