Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Say Hello to Ostrich Burger!

There are only three things that I'm looking for a burger - one, must have a nice bun; two, must have a tender, juicy and nicely cooked patty; and three, must fresh veggies and cheese for additional crunch and flavor. Well, I thought that's all I ever wanted for a burger until I tasted The Ostrich Farm's Ostrich Burger.

Nowadays, people are continuously craving for good burger. But unlike before, most of us are gearing towards having a gourmet one that offers healthier option - an option that opens an opportunity to friends-entrepreneurs Frances and husband-and-wife Kristine and Jaime to introduce ostrich burger.

(from left to right) Owners Ms. Frances Medina (Chief Executive Manager, Soguilon Foods Corporation) with Husband and Wife, Mr. Jaime Jasper Lao Lim (President, Soguilon Foods Corporation) and Mrs. Kristine S. Lim (Chairwoman and CEO, Soguilon Foods Corporation)

A few days back, I had an eye-opening dinner with Ms. Frances and Ms. Kristine about the goodness of ostrich meat and how wonderful it can be a substitute to our well-loved beef burger.

Just a short background, The Ostrich Farm, which is located at Blue Bay Walk, Pasay City, is the newest burger joint in town aiming to share the goodness of local ostrich. Under the umbrella of Soguilon Foods Corporation, the company behind the famous food joints like Garage 88 and Oinky’s, and catering business Banquet, The Ostrich Farm offers healthy burger options to burger lover in the metro without giving too much guilt.

Farm Salad – Php288.00; Cheese Balls - Php178.00;
TOF Ostrich Meatball Pasta – Php378.00; and Farmer’s Nachos – Php138.00

“Growing up in Cotabato with my parents raising ostriches, I must say that I’m aware with the taste and healthy benefits of these birds. And with the boom of healthy restaurants in the metro, we’ve decided to bring the goodness here in Manila, and cater to the growing market of health enthusiasts,” sharess Kristine Lim, Chairwoman and CEO of Soguilon Foods Corporation.

“A lot of people in the metro might think that having ostrich meat is illegal, but no, it’s wrong. Ostrich are not endangered, so having their meat is legal and in fact safer and healthier,” she added.

Ostrich’s meat is said to be 15% healthier than the regular beef and since these flightless birds were raise on a free range, ostrich meat is generally low in fat (only 1.4 g per 100 g meat), low in kilojoules (only 377 kJ per 100 g meat), low in collagen (most digestible red meat), but rich in protein (a high 22% per 100 g meat), and rich in iron (great for people with an active lifestyle).

Sunrise Burger – Php448.00

When visiting The Ostrich Farm, one must try their Sunrise Burger, which is composed of Ostrich patty sandwiched between Sesame Buns, BLT, pickles, caramelized onion, chili con carne, and a sunny side up egg. Every order also comes with a good serving of cheesy and crunchy fries with a tomato ketchup and cheese dip.

It was surprisingly good and attractive as the look and the colors were spot on captivating. The serving size was okay - a couple could even share on this one - and the taste was seriously delicious. I didn't notice that the patty is an ostrich and much more to my surprise that it taste even better than a Wagyu Beef - I actually thought it was Wagyu Beef at first. What's best is that it has no aftertaste.

Aside from their sumptuous burger, I also got to try their Farm Salad, which has fresh lettuce and salad dressing topped with cucumber, mushroom, Ostrich meat, tomatoes, strawberries and hard boiled egg on the side. The Cheese Balls, which are perfect for kids for its oozing pure cheesy goodness, is also a must-try here at The Ostrich Farm. Kids couldn’t say no too to their Ostrich-Meatball Pasta, which has an Ostrich-made meatballs; and Farmer’s Nachos, which comes with Chili Con Carne that is also made of Ostrich meat, salsa and cheese dip.

The Ostrich Farm's Detox Water, which is composed of mint leaves, basil leaves, and some slices of cucumber, lemon, orange, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, green and red apples is a perfect quencher after devouring all those luscious meals.

Detox Water – Php188; Hot Chocolate – Php128; Dessert in A Jar

And capping of my visit here at The Ostrich Farm, I had their very thick Hot Chocolate, which is awaken my senses, and their Dessert in a Jar, which is a bottle of sweetness and love.

I consider The Ostrich Farm as a healthy nook option that offers a unique palette intervention but still gives that comfort feel that burgers lovers like me would love. So, if you are into delectable comfort food made with something different, head on to Blue Bay Walk at Pasay City, and check out The Ostrich Farm by Soguilon Food Corporation.

You can visit their website, www.theostrichfarmbpw.com or follow then on Facebook, www.facebook.com/theostrichfarm for more information and dishes.

Happy Eating!

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