Friday, April 20, 2012

Barefooting at Puerto Princesa's KaLui

They say you'll never know a place til you get a taste of their dishes that represent not only their region but also the culture that molds them. Thankfully, Palawan, specifically Puerto Princesa, has more than just beautiful sceneries and accommodating people, it also has wonderful and accommodating food spots that made the the whole city really loved.

And with that, let me give you a taste of Puerto Princesa's KaLui.

Located along Rizal Avenue, one of the most popular avenues in the city when it comes to great food finds, KaLui offers a native yet artsy dining experience that you could enjoy when visiting this part of the country. With its very typical exterior to its well-designed interior, one can get at-ease and at home on this very stunning place.

But before I start sharing to you our food escapade here, make sure that your feet don't smell and clean because here in KaLui, in order for you to come in and dine, you have to leave your shoes or slippers outside.

Yes, you've read it right, no shoes nor slippers are allowed inside the house of KaLui. So it feels really homey at if you're luckier, smelly. Hahah!. Just kidding!

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Tamilok Experience at Palawan's Kinabuchs Grill & Bar

They say your Palawan experience wouldn't be complete if you didn't visit one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River. Well, Lafanggero says, your Palawan experience wouldn't be complete if you didn't have the world-famous exotic dish from this place, the Tamilok!

And do you know where to get the freshest and really hair-raising, but surprisingly good-tasting Tamilok? Only here in Kinabuchs Grill and Bar!

Last month, when I, and four of my superfriends, visited the world famous city of Puerto Princesa in Palawan, one of the many dishes that is on our list to taste is this exotic dish called Tamilok or mangrove worms.

Famous from its eewy, slimy look, this and some other dished that are available here in Puerto Princess have been the target of our curious taste buds. Thank goodness, our friend from Palawan who welcomed us here recommended Kinabuchs as the best place to try this exotic dish!

So, warning, if you do not have a strong stomach, might as well leave this page or fill your keyboards with slimy puke of yours. Hahaha!

Monday, April 9, 2012

McFloat Summer Medley with Xian Lim

As summer hits the town, McDonald's makes sure that everyone will be equip with summer sweetness and summer love as they launch their new line of McFloat, which are just perfect to quench the summer heat!

Comes in flavors like Honey Banana Sprite McFloat (my favorite), Four Seasons Sprite Float, Green Apple Sprite Float and Blueberry Sprite McFloat, these four new flavors of McDonald's McFloats are available for only Php29.00 for regular size and Php45.00 for monster size.

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