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Barefooting at Puerto Princesa's KaLui

They say you'll never know a place til you get a taste of their dishes that represent not only their region but also the culture that molds them. Thankfully, Palawan, specifically Puerto Princesa, has more than just beautiful sceneries and accommodating people, it also has wonderful and accommodating food spots that made the the whole city really loved.

And with that, let me give you a taste of Puerto Princesa's KaLui.

Located along Rizal Avenue, one of the most popular avenues in the city when it comes to great food finds, KaLui offers a native yet artsy dining experience that you could enjoy when visiting this part of the country. With its very typical exterior to its well-designed interior, one can get at-ease and at home on this very stunning place.

But before I start sharing to you our food escapade here, make sure that your feet don't smell and clean because here in KaLui, in order for you to come in and dine, you have to leave your shoes or slippers outside.

Yes, you've read it right, no shoes nor slippers are allowed inside the house of KaLui. So it feels really homey at if you're luckier, smelly. Hahah!. Just kidding!

For those who are worried on where to put your precious shoes or slippers, well, they have storage boxes at the doorstep where you can place yoru shoes and slippers and then the guard will just give you a number. It is like a baggage counter at supermakets only with shoes here.

Moving on, as for the interior of this whole place, every thing is shiny and well placed. Every spot has these comfortable eating spot where one group can slouch on the floor or take a comfortable seat and be seated near the window.

Every segment of this huge house-like restaurant is also filled with lavish ornamental that depicts a very Pinoy home, something that will make you relax and make you feel lost in time.

For those who are planning to go here, it is suggested that you call them first and reserve a table. This place is usually packed during dinner time, so walk-ins barely have a chance to dine here.

KaLui is also said to be one of the classy food spots here in Puerto Princesa, but despite of the tag, I personally find the prices of their food  fairly good, that's why I highly suggest that you try this place.

So, to finally start sharing to you the food hat we tried from this place, here's our gastronomic escapade that started from a tall glass of fresh coconut shake.

Fresh Buco Shake - Php65.00

The weather that night was very humid, so having this as our starter was just perfect. The nice blend of coconut and milk was soothing and very relaxing. And with a price like that to all of their fresh fruit shakes, I guess no one could really say no to them.

After some minutes of deciding on what to have, since the menu list here in KaLui is so simple and direct to the point, we finally have the first calming soup from here. And guess what, it's free! Haha!

Free soup

We're not really sure what kind of soup is this, but basing from the taste and some visible ingredients, it is a seafood soup that has some malunggay in it. It was kidna thick but tastes really healthy. I'm just not that sure if it tastes good, since it is my first time to have this kind of soup.  Hehe.

Tubbataha Salad - Php165.00

My friend who is sooo conscious about his diet ordered this next dish. Carrying the name of the world famous diving site here in Palawan, I'm glad that he ordered this because more than its lovely, vibrant colors, the taste is exceptionally delicious! This one has fresh tuna strips, bits of fruits, like that ripe mango there, pomelo and seaweed (lato). It is drizzled with Palawan Dressing, which I think is available only here in KaLui.

Our group who was really up for some Palawan flavors since we got here in Puerto Princesa, decided to have this kind of "barkada meal". It is set of three viands and it already comes with steamed rice. This meal is actually good for two, but according to the waiter who attended us, since they serve big here, this one could fill up three persons.

But to make sure, we also ordered some more, for more food lovin here in Palawan!

Dubbed as KaLui Special of the Day Set (Php395.00), this set if consisted of small plates of Lato Salad, Fish Steak, Prawns, Fried Fish with Escabeche Sauce and rice.

Lato (seaweed) Salad

Fish Steak


Fried Fish with Escabeche Sauce

I was in Bohol when I was first introduced to this Lato or seaweed salad. The Boholano's version of this dish has some onions in it, and if I remembered it right, it was drizzled with vinaigrette. As for this Palawan seaweed salad, it is more of a plain-looking, small grape-like salad. We just put some calamansi juice in it and it tasted fairly good too - a good starter for some seafood food thrill.

Among the three viands that are included on this set, I like the fish escabeche the most. It is far less delicious than Pampangga's escabeche, but with the fish's freshness and nicely-fried texture, I managed to appreciate it. The fish steak was good too, as well as the prawns, but the fried fish with escabeche sauce has this empowering taste, which is very captivating.

For our other orders, since we saw a squid on their menu list, we asked the waiter to give us that, but we want it spicy, hence we had a spicy squid dish here.

Spicy Squid - Php195.00

It was served after some few minutes and sadly, they failed us on the "spicy" part. Despite of the visible chili there, the taste was very normal. The chili turned out to be useless at all. Good thing, we have another meal coming, and this one is perfect for those who want a complete solo set.

Fish Cordon Bleu with Puerto Pakbet - Php195.00

I just had a bite of that fish cordon bleu, and it was good. The pakbet was nicely done too. If you'd ask me, with its Php195.00 price, this one is a good pick for some simple dining experience here at KaLui. Again, it is simple, straight to the point and looks really healthy!

By the time we asked the waiter for our bill, we were surprised to see him coming back with a tray filled with 4 halves of coconut shells. The coconut shells were filled with colorful fruit slices.

The moment he placed those on our table, we told him that we didn't ordered those. Then he replied with a sweet smile, "Compliments of the house, sir, ma'am."

Free Dessert

I'm not a fruit person, but I had it and enjoyed it. Not only because it was free, but also it was served by the cute waiter. Hahaha!

So, if you are planning to see the Palawan Subterranean River here in Puerto Princesa, make sure that you'll a pay visit at this unique, lovely place to fill up your tummy with some Palawan flavor!

Happy eating!

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