Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Julie's Bakeshop: 30 Years of Freshness

I have a confession to make. I'm one of those people who can't have a great day without a piece of bread on my breakfast table every morning. And I guess, it is one of those Filipino traits that I inherited and will keep on doing til I die.

Anyways, enough with the drama!

I was invited last week to check out that latest innovation on the bakeshop that has been a good neighbor to all of us for the past 30 years - Julie's Bakeshop.

I honestly didn't know that they are celebrating their 30th year now - how time flies so quick - so when I got to meet the people from Julie's Bakeshop-Metro Manila, headed my Mr. Bienvenido Topacio or Sir Bien, as what he wants us to call him, he shared to us the inspiring story as to how Julie's Bakeshop managed to stay in the business for this long and keep on giving every Filipino fresh, out-of-the-oven goodies that's making every Pinoy's life complete and sweet! ^_^

I arrived at their Rosario, Pasig branch a little late - my apologies again - but I was still welcomed by the warm smile and accommodating handshakes from the group that I usually noticed in every Julie's Bakeshop that I've been to - a warm and fresh welcome, indeed!

I, and the rest of the bloggers, got a chance to know more about the company's history and struggles before reaching this one-of-the-best years. And I cannot believe as to how inspiring the story of this business can be to each and everyone of us who are aspiring to be a boss of our own.

Did you know that Julie's Bakeshop was originally from Cebu? It was established by husband and wife Julia and Diegs Gandionco in 1981 and from then on, after some three years, the bakeshop started to grow with 10 more branches all over the province. By 1988, the first-ever inter-island branch was built in Camiguin, which marks that start of a brighter future for the business that started out from a simple dream.

On my visit at their Rosario, Pasig branch, Sir Bien shared to us the different aspects of Julie's Bakeshop system, from the job hierarchy to the freshness of their goods, everything was really discussed to us. 

And for this year, as they celebrate their 30th anniversary, Sir Bien pointed out to us the renovations that they are having for the whole Julie's Bakeshop franchises. From their logo, interiors and even to the delicious breads, they have something special for everybody.

Sir Bien also shared to us the new delights that are now available at Julie Bakeshops. 

We have this Peanut Butter at home now, and I can't take my hands off of it every morning! It's really yummy! Lavet!

Aside from those, we were also introduced to the new and simply delicious flavored loaf breads that'll be out this September - that's next week! ^_^

Choco Coffee Loco, Ube Grande 
and Choco Overload Loaf Bread

For chocolate lovers, like me, they now have the Choco Overload Loaf Bread.

For those who like ube, Ube Grande will surely satisfy your cravings.

And if you want something that will wake you up in the morning, Choco Coffee Loco suits you the best!

If you ask me which one is my favorite? Well, I like them all, really, but still, nothing beats a really choco goodness and Choco Overload just overloads with goodness and comfort!

Banana-Pineapple Bread

Sir Bien told us to expect more from them for this 30th year is just the begginning of something hot, yummy, delicious and fresh from Julie's Bakeshop. 

And I guess, we should all watch out for that!

For now, if you wanna get a franchise of this good-investment business, you can contact Julie's Bakeshop and with an initial franchise fee of Php250,000 along with the the mandatory market study, you could have your own Julie's Bakeshop!

Congratulations to Julie's Bakeshop and to all of the people behind this inspiring business!
May Julie's Bakeshops have more 30 years to come!
Happy eating!

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  1. parang ang sarap mag franchise ng bakery!!!


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