Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Guimaras: More Than Just a Mango Province

On my first-ever visit in this beautiful paradise, I'm really on-board for some mango love from them. Known as the greatest source of the sweet mangoes in the country, your eyes will be mesmerized to the thousand of mango trees scattered all over the province making it a mango heaven for me. But did you know that aside from these refreshing mangoes,  Guimaras offers tummy-filling treats that tourist would love to enjoy?

We stayed at Raymen Resort during our visit here since it was suggested by a friend who lives here and Raymen Resort was said to be the modest place to stay in.

We arrived at Raymen around 3:00 p.m. We were really starving to death when we arrived since we came from a very long trip - Manila-Bacolod-Iloilo-Guimaras. So, right after we fixed ourselves and had some-minute rest in our room, we headed to their clean and decently looking canteen to check out their simple menu.

On our first day, we had their Sinigang na Tanigue, a short order of Pancit Moke, Rice and a glass of Ripe Mango Shake.

Sinigang na Tanigue - Php130.00

Pancit Moke - Php85.00

Rice - Php15.00/cup

Ripe Mango Shake - Php45.00

It was my first time to try Ilonggo dishes, and to be honest, if my friend didn't tell me, I wouldn't know that they didn't use tamarind on their sinigang. With the same delectable flavors of the my mom's Sinigang, Ilonggo's Sinigang uses Batwan. Batwan was said to be a sour fruit that Ilonggos use in replacement of tamarind. It was really good, and the freshness of the Tanigue was really sumptuous, perfect for that rainy weather on Guimaras. And this Sinigang would be a good reason to return here. ^_^

Their organic rice was to love too. The little crunchiness on each bite added an interesting appeal to me. I actually had two cups of rice every meal because it felt so light in the tummy. ^_^

And lastly, this meal wouldn't be complete the invigorating Ripe Mango Shake! Simply heavenly! ^_^

On our next and last day here in Guimaras, we tried their version of the famous Ilokano dish, Pinakbet, and their Sizzling Squid. Of course, we still had the organic rice and Ripe Mango Shake. ^_^

Pinakbet - Php70.00

Sizzling Squid - Php20.00

Their Pinakbet was quiet impressive, with its well-cooked vegetables and sweetness that I really enjoyed, I think this one is good to go! As for the Sizzling Squid, my two friends loved it! They chewiness and the freshness, again, of the squid was there to devoured. Seafood here is really the best! ^_^

Aside from the meals that we got to enjoy courtesy of Raymen Resort, on our way back to Iloilo for the second leg of our trip, we dropped by the famous Trappist Abbey

Trappist Abbey is the best "pasalubong" store in the island that offers a wide array of delectable mango-based treats which you will surely love.

I got to buy each of of those mango-based delicacies, and boy, I really enjoyed each of them when I got back home! Exceptional treats made from heaven!

Truly, a place with a great scenery comes with great food. And I'm thankful that on my first visit on this wonderland, I got to enjoy its view and its food offerings - a visit worth remembering and a province worth revisiting!

Thank you, Guimaras! Til Next time!


  1. Grabeh I'm such a fan of your site. Follower ako sa plurk kaya nakikita ko yung mga links.

    Frustration ko talaga na hindi ako makagala ng Pinas nung andyan pa ako. Strict ang parents tapos babaeng panganay.

    Para mo na rin akong ginala. Love it. Kung sakali mang-umuwi ako sana mameet kita at sabihin ko sayo na sobrang naappreciate ko blog mo.

    More power sa blog mo (parang channel lang ano?) Tuloy mo lang ang pag-rampa!

  2. Aw... I'm touched! Thanks, Meemax! Yes, see you when you get back here! I would love to meet you too in person! ^_^

  3. The Tanigue looks really good. I love batwan as a souring agent, although I'm not sure where one can get them in Manila.

    Fickle Cattle

  4. Please visit Raymen Official Website
    Thanks for the blog.


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