Thursday, August 4, 2011

Breaded Chicken Bowls from Angel's!

Angels' Pizza Pasta Combo now leveled up the game against it's competing fast-food  and pizzeria with the creations of their latest offering that I'm very sure every Pinoy who loves rice would be grateful - the Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo Breaded Rice Bowls!

Breaded Rice Bowls - So Breadelicious!

Yes, you read it right! One of our favorite pizza chains now offers delectable and comforting rice meals that are just perfect to our demanding taste buds and pockets! With a price of Php95.00 per bowl that comes with a glass of Iced Tea, you'll get to enjoy three mouth-watering flavors that represents three popular cuisines in the world.

When I and two of colleagues in the office decided to order these new dishes last week, we decided to have one of each flavor so that we can taste it and compare one from the other.

Since, I'm the only guy in the group, I ordered the one that I find guys would love to have too - the Chicken Parmigiana.

Chicken Parmigiana

A rice bowl topped with deep-fried breaded chicken meat and then drizzled with an Italian-style tomato and cheese sauce.

I think that what really attracted me into ordering this one is the very nice blending of colors of the rice, the chicken and the sauce. When our orders arrived in the office, the whole dish was still hot, so the aroma was very much captivating. The taste was really good, the sweetness of the tomato sauce and saltiness of the breaded chicken and of the melted cheese was nice. If you like sweet pizza like I do, this one has the taste just like that, only this has rice and chicken. According to my two companions the taste of this dish is really perfect for Italian food cravings.

As for my colleagues orders, one had the Chicken With Creamy Sauce.

Chicken With Creamy Sauce

A rice bowl topped with deep-fried breaded chicken meat and then drizzled with creamy sauce with corn and carrots.

If you had Chicken ala King, this dish resembles to that. The creaminess of the sauce was really perfect, just the way I like it. And the taste suits perfectly to the crunch of the chicken. Though, my colleague told me that the color and combination were kinda "nakakauyam" or satiating, she still somehow enjoyed the comforting taste.

Lastly, the dish that kids and kids-at-heart will enjoy, the Chicken Teriyaki.

Chicken Teriyaki

A rice in a bowl topped with deep-fried chicken glazed with sweet Teriyaki sauce and drizzled with sesame seed.

Every time this colleague of mine get a chance to eat at a Japanese restaurant with us and we are not that yet familiar with their way of cooking, she orders this kind of dish. And now knowing that Angel's came up with something as tempting as this one, I will not wonder if this one will be a big hit. I know Pinoys love eating their fried chicken with something sweet on it or in it, and with Angel's Chicken Teriyaki, the sweetness is just heavenly! We three all enjoyed this one!

If I made you drool over these new angelic offerings, just call (02) 922-2222 for a free delivery and have a taste of these simply tempting and simply comforting rice bowl meals from Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo!

Happy eating!

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