Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Banapple Greenhills - You Complete Me!

I've been wanting to try Banapple since I saw its branch here in Ayala Triangle Gardens. Unfortunately, with the whole nine-yard of workaholics all lined up there - and around it - every lunch time, my wish and tummy craving remain a lifelong dream.

But last week was a different story.

I got a text inviting me to have a taste of the food that I wanna try for the longest time. And there at Northeast Square in Greenhills, San Juan settled a fine looking foodie venue that really perked up my appetite that day - Banapple! Wee!

The colors, the interior and the spot - it was all perfect for that day! I have a big appetite all ready to indulge at this very appetizing place.

Upon entering I was welcomed by a wonderful splash of colors that you'll have in any Banapple branch. The chic interior made the ambiance of the whole place so harmonious and pleasant. I personally love how they created the child-feel world inside this small space and manage to keep everything in order.

The only downside, I guess, I just noticed that the books in the shelves were meant for decorations only. I hope that they'll allow their guests, specially children, to touch and read them. Book are made to be read not to be a decor or props. It would be a great experience for kids too to enjoy this place other than just the yummy food that they can avail here.

Anyway, after some few minutes of checking out every corner of this place, I'm ready to order my first-ever meal here in Banapple Greenhills.

I was surprised to learn that they have a wide variety of dishes - from pies and cakes, they also have pastas, rice dishes, soups, salads and sandwiches.

I'm with two friends that day, Tita Carol, who's from Banapple and Miss May, who is also a food blogger.

We were asked to order our drinks and soups first before checking out their other dishes. I ordered their Grandma's Corn Chowder and Banapple Smoothie.

Grandma's Corn Chowder - Php80.00

Banapple Smoothie - Php105.00

I must say that with that warm and luscious soup and with that tasty and refreshing drink, I'll be filling my hungry tummy in no time.

And so, after some few minutes of slurping, our next order, their version of Caesar Salad with its super name, Super Ceasar Salad came and fill our view.

Super Ceasar Salad - Php120.00

This one is good, too. Though, not that really "super" good. Its freshness, serving size and color ain't that "too ordinary" but not that "super." I think "super" is a little too much for its title.

After those dishes, the much awaited main entree filled our table with heavenly aromas that made us all excited. Tita Carol ordered the Creamy Chicken Pie that comes with Chunky Potato Salad, Miss May, who is a big Salpicao lover, ordered the Salpicao Rafael, while yours truly ordered an unbelievable plateful of Banapple's Lasagna Roll-ups.

Creamy Chicken Pie - Php135.00

Salpicao Rafael - Php190.00

Lasagna Roll-ups - Php180.00

When I accepted the invitation to dine here, I really don't have an idea as to how big or small their serving sizes, so when my meal arrived on my table, I was really amazed by how it looks and how big it was. And by just looking at it, I can already tell that it is worth its price. 

When I started digging in, oh, it was one hearty dish that I enjoyed til the very last piece, and will surely this lasagna again in the near future - like today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. It was soooo delicious!!! Rosemary and thyme that blended perfectly to the rich and creamy tomato sauce made this dish one of my favorite pasta dishes in town. And I honestly can't get over it. Hahaha!

After that amazing meal, dining experience here in Banapple wouldn't be complete without tasting their irresistible cakes.

Banoffee Pie - Php85.00/slice

Strawberry Amaretto Cheesecake - Php100.00/slice

Blueberry Cheesecake - Php90.00

Other Cakes

I had a chance to taste them all, but at the end of the day, the Blueberry Cheesecake took my heart away. One thing for sure, though, I'll be back here for a second round but with a different set of cakes for Banapple has a very wide selection of delectable sweets that is just so heavenly!


I went home with a bulging stomach and a big smile all plastered on my face. Now, I know why a lot of workaholics in Makati are dying to have a taste of Banapple every single day every lunch time, Banapple simply gives everyone's heart and appetite's desire.

Thank you, Banapple Greenhills, for this fantastic, tummy-filling lunch that I'd love to do over and over and over again! Til next time! 

Happy eating to all!


  1. I haven't tried Banapple yet. After reading this post, my desire to eat there has doubled. Waaaaah, I'm salivating over the lasagna! :)

  2. Oh, the lasagna is super, super, super delicious!!! No exaggeration! :-)


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