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XO46 Bistro Filipino: Sharing Delicious Heritage

Designed with utter elegance and style, XO46 Bistro Filipino just opened its doors to the workaholic employees of Makati just two months ago with their heritably menu that will surely fit in to the rising demands of delectable dishes in this city.

Under the expert skill and talent of Chef CK Kalaw, XO46 Bistro Filipino competes with the wide number of world-renowned dishes that were serve as specialties by different restaurants and hole-in-the-walls in this highly urbanized conurbation.

Chef CK Kalaw

And last week, as I got a chance to meet one of its owner, Sandee Siytangco-Masigan, I was taken back to that era of classiness and sophistication -  with the comforting side well kept.

I am working here in Makati for more than 6 years now, and I think I have the right to say that finding a decent place to eat isn't really hard. But finding a decent place to eat that will share a wonderful blend of culture and heritage... Thank goodness, we now have XO46 Bistro Filipino!

Upon checking their menu, I read quite a number of dishes that I only got to read from history books or some old cooking books. Mostly with Spanish names, by just simply reading the names of each dish, I can't help but to get excited!

And so, to share to all of you the wonderful dishes that I had on my first visit here in XO46 Bistro Filipino, feast your eyes and control you drool as I present them to you one by one. ^_^

Cold Lemongrass Tea

One thing that will surprise you upon entering this establishment is the greeting that you will receive from the staff. With their warm smile, you'll sure feel welcomed and no doubt you'll enjoy their first offering, a delicious blend of cold drink. I had one of the best lemongrass tea I've ever had here! ^_^

Cornik ng Iloco

Puto with Mantequilla and Aligue

With the very helpful assistance from their staff, you'll be amaze as to how wide the variation of their uniquely classified dishes are. And while deciding or waiting for your well-chosen dishes, which I'm sure you'll have a hard time doing, enjoy the moment with their sumptuous appetizers. I love Cornik ng Iloco ever since, so having it here just made me elated. And the soft and fresh colored puto with mantequilla and aligue were just wonderful!

After some few minutes of waiting, the main dishes arrived on our table filling the air with tummy-crunching aroma and our view with a truly Fipilino-colored dishes!

Garlic Rice - Php140.00

For starter, we had their version of Garlic Rice. Plain white rice would a great option for the feast that we were about to take that day but we opted to have this one instead just to give more colors to our plate. The taste was okay, as expected, and the grains were just fine. A sure perfect match to the Filipino favorites that we are about to take.

Chupito Al Ajillo - Php340.00

Kinunot na Lapu-Lapu - Php275.00

From their seafood group, we picked to have their Chupito Al Ajillo and Kinunot na Lapu-Lapu. Chupito Al Ajillo was like an adobong pusit without the "toyo", really, but their version was better because they let these baby squids released their own salty flavor giving this whole dish a pleasant and wonderful feel in the mouth.

As for the Kinunot na Lapu-Lapu, this dish was one of our favorites. The juicy and well-cooked Lapu-Lapu fillet tasted really good with the coconut sauce and meat that served as its sauce. Though, it may be a little spicy to some, I think that this was just really good down to its tiny ingredients. This will also be a good "pulutan" to some - an after-work beer-night with the gang, plus this, is a wonderful combination to relax after a day of hard work.

Ampalaya con Tinapa - Php255.00

For some veggie love, we tried this Ampalaya con Tinapa. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of ampalaya. I HATE IT. And of tinapa too. But I gave this one a chance and had a taste of it. The sauce with tinapa was good, really, but the ampalaya... Nah, I think I'll pass on this one next time. I really don't like ampalaya. Hehe.

Adobong Batangas

Fabada de Toledo - Php465.00

And as for those meat lovers out there, like me, you'll definitely agree with once you get a taste of these tasty and flavorful meat or carne dishes! I personally recommend to all of you Fabada de Toledo. White beans are not my kind of ingredients to any dish. I, being a not pork-and-beans guy, usually prefer having sausages and other canned foods. But with this one, with its slow-cooked style that made the beans really mushy and smooth made it really wonderful. And I think that the word "wonderful" is even an understatement. It was simply heavenly for me!

While the Adobong Batangas, which I think is a new dish from them, tasted sinfully good, too! The succulent meat drenched in this olive oil-based sauce was really delectable down to its bones. Though, some may find this a little spicy, too, I think with just the right amount of rice per bite of this dish's meat will satisfy your cravings.

The experience of dining here in XO46 Bistro Filipino and the foodgasm with these soon talk-of-the-town dishes wouldn't be complete without the ultimate Filipino desserts that will seal your lips with utter sweetness.

Sapin Sapin - Php110.00

Manticado Jalaya - Php130.00

I have high respect and ultimate love for Filipino desserts because just thinking about the fact that most of our desserts are prepared tediously and they usually take time to be blended and perfectly prepared or cook, seeing one on a busy day like that day was surely a delight to me. No need to say more, I was really happy to end my wonderful food journey here in this elegant place with a super yummy Sapin Sapin and Manticado Jalaya.

The Sapin Sapin with its all lovely colors was just fantastic. The sorbet on the side, though, didn't impressed me much, so just having a slice of that Sapin Sapin was truly enough. 

And, of course, having another dessert wouldn't be that bad. Hehehe.

So, as for the Manticado Jalaya, well, it was a sweet-tooth best friend. Hahaha! The frozen ube and leche flan topped with ice cream was simply irresistible.

XO46 Bistro Filipino is truly a remarkable place worth visiting over and over again. Having dishes that signify the good part of Spanish colony here in the country will absolutely delight anyone who visits this place.

And if I'll be a judge as to how I will rate this place, 10 golden spoons for the place, ambiance, service and taste of food is just enough to tell the world how I admire everything about this place.

So, to XO46 Bistro Filipino, thank you for sharing a notable experience that excites me to do again soon! Til next time! ^_^

Happy eating!

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