Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sumo Sam opens at SM Manila

Indeed, there are more and much more reasons to visit one of the best situated malls in town, because with the addition of Sumo Sam in SM City Manila, aside from the great finds, every ManileƱo can now indulge to the modernized Japanese offerings made by actor-turned-restaurateur Marvin Agustin.

Last week, together with some Manila-base bloggers, I was invited to dine at the newly opened Sumo Sam branch at the Level 4 of SM City Manila. And just like how I enjoyed dining on its other branches, Sumo Sam offers a wide array or delectable Japanese dishes perfect for anyone's budget!

Salmon Sashimi - Php228.00

From my all-time favorite Sumo Sam Green Thumb, Yoki-Kiri Starters, Rice N' Sun, Rikishi Grills, Frying Kick, Yokozuna Picks, Temaki Sashimi, and Sushi, Sumo Sam Mawashi, Grilled Seafood to dishes that are for sharing like on the list of Sumo Donburi, Sumo Sam SM Manila is finally here in the center of Manila City  to boost excited Manila foodies with delight that they'll keep coming back.

Spicy Tuna Salad - Php218.00

Beef Teppan - Php378.00

Japanese Fried Rice - Php228.00

It was such a delight too that Sumo Sam's owner Marvin Agustin and some of his staff joined us that lunch time, where we get to know more of the brand and the place, which give us this lounge-y type that made us all comfortable and really excited to try all the dishes prepared for us.

The food that we had and other that we ordered honestly didn't took that long, I guess Sumo Sam here adjusted their serving time to compete with the other stores located in the mall. And since there are really a lot of competitors, I find the prices here fair enough for students to enjoy as well as the working employees surrounding the mall.

Chicken Teriyaki - Php218.00

Ebi Tempura - Php268.00

Bacon Warpped Dory - Php258.00

And since, it's already summer, Sumo Sam didn't let us leave with having this bursting and really flavorful ice creams that we all got to enjoy. I super love it! I didn't know that they have something like this here, and it feels really healthy. Three flavors were served to us that day, and I got the Pistachio one. :-)

Ice Cream - Php88.00

Welcome to Manila, Sumo Sam! May you keep our hungry tummy filled with your delicious delights!

Happy eating, everyone!

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