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Chef Bernard.Com: A Name You'll Love to Taste

He was a former model turned chef after studying at Le Cordon Bleu, and luckily, he chose to go back home after years of residing in Pasadena, California to let us taste his masterpieces that truly speaks of his Ilonggo blood. Chef Bernard Banares recently opens his first restaurant in the heart of Makati for us to enjoy the wonderful fusion of food and style and he calls it simply Chef Bernard.Com.

Located at the the ground floor of Greenbelt Radissons Building in Aguirre Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City, Chef Bernard.Com offers a delectable fusion of Asian and Filipino cuisine as it gives its guests fast, affordable, unique and delicious offerings that is set to be healthy and with a modern twist.

I was able to try some of its dishes last week, and though I must say that I do have high expectations from this place after knowing that this is co-owned by renowned designer and HRM degree holder Randy Ortiz, upon entering the place - well, actually, upon seeing the place from the outside, I already know that I'm in for a great treat.

Randy Ortiz and Chef Bernard Banares

Chef Bernard.Com is a great place specially if you are looking for an escape in the crazy world of Makati due to its tranquility that it shares at the same time. With an ambiance suit for classy eaters, I bet that you wouldn't feel discriminated once you see their menu board, because most of the prices are really friendly.

And to start off our gastronomic adventure here, Chef Bernard offers this very comforting Molo Soup, I really find authentic tasting. He said that they are striving to offer healthy food, thus Chef offers organic food that they prepare themselves.

Molo Soup

He also added that this is one dish that kinda tell his background as chef, because hailing from Iloilo, Molo Soup is if not the best, one of the best that the province can offer.

Next on our table is one of the Asian dishes that this place takes pride off - Vietnamese Spring Rolls. A belnd of adobo flakes, rice vermicelli, basil, mint and lettuce wrapped in rice paper wrapper with peanut hoi sin sauce.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

At first, I'm actually doubtful that I might like this one, because I tried Vietnamese before, and the taste was too strong for my palette. Fortunately, on this one, with that peanut hoi sin sauce as a dip, it was heavenly good! You can feel the freshness of the veggies in every bite and the texture was so enjoyable in  the mouth. Actually, I was kinda "bitin" on this four slices, so if they could just offer a little bit more per serving, this would be really, really, great! :-)

Along side our adventure here, on the side, was this refillable Lemon Grass Ice Tea. It has a natural blend of lemon grass, mint and simple sugar that complements well to the refreshing ambiance of this place.

Lemon Grass Ice Tea

If there's one feedback that I have in my mind that night, probably it because of the mint leaves that were too big that they tend to block my mouth from having the delicious juice. :-)

For the main entree, we experienced the most favorite Filipino food set-up, the buffet. And on the buffet table, we had the most amazing dishes that you could ever have here in Chef And when I say "most amazing dishes", I really mean it! I swear!

Baked Stuffed Chicken

Seafood Kare-Kare

Pork Binagoongan

Alongside these main entrees is a steamy white rice, perfect to give that Filipino vibe that you could experience here in Chef all day long.

The Baked Stuffed Chicken is a boneless chicken stuffed with meat and vegetables and then baked to perfection and served with its own dripping made into gravy with pickled squash and kamote puree. This one is actually like a Chicken Galantina, which reminded me Christmas. So, yeah, it was a feel-good food that I really enjoyed chomping that night. And even without its gravy, this one's flavor is really homey for me that I would love to try again soon.

Chef Bernard's version of Seafood Kare-Kare, on the other hand, is one of the dishes that you could have from this place during the Lent. A mix of sauteed seafood and vegetables with peanut sauce, it was actually that night that the place first launched it. And honestly, it was really good making me enjoy the next dish that i think was my most favorite among the three - the Pork Binagoongan.

Pork Binagoongan is a rendered pork slowly cooked in shrimp paste and then served with grilled eggplant. I didn't enjoy the eggplant, since I really don't like eating one, but the pork itself, oh! You don't even have to use a knife because the meat tears beautifully from the bone and the taste - FANTASTIC! This is actually the best pork binagoongan that I've had in my life and yeah, I think I will keep coming back to this place simply because of this one!

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

Our hosts didn't let us go home hanging, and by they made sure that we're all leaving the place with a sweeter smile, that's why by the time we are so full from the buffet, they served us this pretty dessert they call Chocolate Raspberry Mouse.

Chef Bernard is also the one who made this dessert, and this time, all the doubts in my mind were removed so I just dug dip on this glass and yeah, it was the finale worth waiting for. make sure that if you have this here, you'll also dig dip, because the blending of the three flavors in this piece of sweetness in enjoyable by doing so.

To know more about this place, you can check out their Facebook Fan Page at Chef Bernard.Com or their main website

Thank you, Chef! I will definitely see you again!
Happy eating, everyone!

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