Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Guinness World Record to Empower Filipino Farmers

We’ve witnessed hundred ways of how us, Filipinos, set, tried and beat other nation’s record on the Guinness World Record. There were thousands who lined up to form a giant rainbow, another thousand to form a giant smiley, and there were those who did for a good cause, like these guys from Calata Group who recently bagged the Guinness World Record for the Largest Serving of Roast Pork!

Last November 8, Calata Corporation, one of the biggest agribusiness conglomerates in the country spearheaded an enticing and sumptuous attempt to set a world record for the Largest Serving of Roast Pork at the Liwasang Aurora, Quezon City Memorial Circle. A title which was held by Mexico, where they served 3,094.2 kilos of cochinita pibil, a popular pork dish in its Yucatan region, were now taken by our fellows who took pride of presenting 4,046 kilos of sumptuous lechon, which is a party favored dish among the FIlipino nation.

“This year, we celebrated our 16 successful years in the business by giving back to the community instead of having a lavish party. This a very momentous occasion for us and for the Philippines,” Joseph Calata, Chairman and CEO of Calata Corporation shares.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Soothing Afternoon Treat at The Fort Strip’s Dipdenza

For almost a decade, The Fort has evolved into a new world that offers the latest and newest craze that we could enjoy while battling the metro traffic and heart. For one, it became one of the hottest spots for clubbing and night-out, then became a destination for new-concept restaurants that offers nothing but the freshest idea on food and beverages. And now, as it becomes more family friendly, The Fort Strip welcomes its newest hangout place that coffee lovers could enjoy – Dipdenza.

An international coffee shop brand that brings in the best coffee beans in the world, Dipdenza is an original concept of Angeli Albana, who’s love for coffee has gone beyond her imagination and liking. 

“Dipdenza is a play on the Italian word ‘dipendenza,’ which means addiction,” she shares.

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