Monday, February 24, 2014

Make a Smart More, Drink Oishi Smart C+

With summer just around the block, it is very important to replenish our body with its needed fluid to keep our system going. Having the right amount of fluid in our system will not just keep our system performing the right way, but it also keep us away from diseases and other ailment. Oishi Smart C+ aims not just to keep us replenished and healthy, but also to keep us happy and fulfilled with its refreshing flavors everyone would love.

As more and more young people are into fitness and health, its now wonder why we are seeing a lot of healthy food and drinks in the market. Oishi Smart C+ being one of them, offers some of the nutrients that our body need to keep us healthy and strong.

Endorsed by Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited Grand Winner, Slater Young, Oishi Smart C+ goes well in his fast-paced life. Serving as his best ally in his daily routine, Oishi Smart C+ shares a dose of resistance-building Vitamin C that makes him beat his daily demands in his dynamic life.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Food Tripping in Baguio's Slaughter House

Some of you may feel uncomfortable to see this. Some of you may not believe that I did it, and assume that I eat like a vampire. And then, there must be some of you who knows the place and can't help but to drool now as you are being reminded of those tasty yet very affordable dishes that you once had here in Baguio City's famous Slaughter House.

Formerly a real slaughter house, this place is technically in Balajadia Street in Barangay Sto. Nino, Baguio City. Famous for its unique dishes, which are mostly aphrodisiacs, this place may not be the usual food spot to ordinary visitors, but believe me when I say that you'll enjoy the food here more than you know.

Coming here may be a little problem to some, since its real street name is over shadowed by the name "Slaughter House". But don't worry, there are a lot of Baguio cab drivers who are familiar with the place, so asking them to take you here in Baranggay Sto. Nino will definitely no fuss.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Breakfast at Baguio's Casa Vallejo

By now, I know most of you are so excited for this week to be over. With the culminating activity of Panagbenga Festival happening in the cold and lovely Summer Capital of the Philippines this weekend, I'm sure that your bags are already packed and your itinerary is good to go. But just in case something went wrong, like stuck in the traffic since Session Road will be closed for traffic for the festivity and you are hungry and wanted to have some decent food, I suggest that you head to Casa Vallejo's Hill Station.

Perfectly located at the sprawling Session Road, where old and new meets in Baguio City, Casa Vallejo is actually one of the oldest structures in the city that is being preserved until now. Built in 1909, Casa Vallejo offers an American-inspired ambience adding romance and class to the whole City of Pines.

But before we go back in time to find out more about the place, let's go back to the main reason why I went here and why am I sharing this blog - FOOD!

Maple-flavored Pancake and Homemade Longganisa

Monday, February 17, 2014

Celebrate Bright & Precious Mornings at B&P

A new breakfast joint ready to offer a unique sun-shinny delights has just opened in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City. Tagging its name with "Just Like Home", B&P is the latest idea whipped up by the Cravings Group to add more energy to our mornings. But if you think these breakfast goodness are only offered in the morning, you are wrong!

Made to fulfill everyone's deepest gastronomic longings, B&P Just Like Home offers a subtle yet empowering meals that ranges from our local favorite breakfast meal to filling luncheon delights to captivating dinner offerings. I must say, that before stepping in to try this place, I have high expectations as to the taste and look of their food; the ambiance; and of course, the service - this is from Cravings Group, you know. ^_^

Just before having their hearty meals, we were offered with their natural and really delicious juices. The red one is a Strawberry Juice and the yellow one is Lemonade. I personally like the Strawberry, but the Lemonade is, I think, just perfect to brighten up anybody's day.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Golden Sunday at SM Megamall's Supermarket!

What would you do if one day someone handed you a golden stub that will entitle you take home an amazing and golden prize? Isn't in amazing? That's what I simply experienced earlier. After buying some stuff at SM Megamall's SM Supermarket, I was treated to a golden surprise sweetened up by Selecta Magnum's newest flavor and color - the Magnum Gold!

Simultaneously happening in 8 SM Supermarkets and 2 Hypermarkets, namely SM Supermarket North EDSA, SM Supermarket Megamall, SM Supermarket Aura, SM Supermarket Makati, SM Supermarket Fairview, SM Supermarket Baguio, SM Supermarket BF Paranaque, SM Supermarket Sothmall, SM Supermarket Mall of Asia and SM Supermarket Clark, SM Supermarkets led the Magnum Gold craze in the country by sharing 200 free Magnum Golds to their first 200 customers a day before its official launch.

Yes, I was one of the lucky few who get to taste this latest delight from Magnum. Hahaha! We were given with a gold stub after paying to the Supermarket's counter and asked to come back at 3:00 p.m.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dinner with Kok's Manok!

A few days ago, I got a message on my Facebook page asking me if I'm willing to try their product and in return, if I enjoyed it, I'll tell about it on my blog. To be honest, I'm quite hesitant to do this, specially that I'll be tasting only one dish, but when I finally had a chance to try it, well, I guess, there's really a reason to write about it and share my experience about Kok's Manok!

Originally from Imus, Cavite, this roasted chicken, which is brought about by some home-cooking experiment of a young lady named Koko Tamura, is what filled my tummy one night at home. And though I'm not really expecting it to be that great, my mom, whom I shared this chicken with, told me as I'm unwrapping it from its foil wrapper that the aroma reminded her of the roasted chicken she used to love when she was still young.

I do not have any idea as to what she's saying because I'm an Andok's generation, but upon tasting this Kok's Manok, I must admit that its taste is fairly unique compared to the other roasted chickens that we have here in Manila. So, yes, I got to enjoy this one. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

It's More Fun to Drink at Chili's!

Adding more fun and excitement to our busy schedules on weekdays, Chili's recently launched their latest treats that will be a sure-fire-hit to those who are looking forward to a relaxing night-out with work mates or friends. And no, it doesn't come alone but rather in trio, and they come in this patriotic colors that every Pinoy will surely love! Guys and gals, meet Rita Trio.

Five exciting and refreshing flavors to choose from to form the trio, Rita Trio is Chili's latest concoction of their world-renowned Margarita drinks that are served in rock-glass size. There's the Pomegranate Margarita, which is a mix of 1800 Tequila, Absolut Citron with pomegranate syrup; the Blue Pacific Margarita, which is combination of 1800 Tequila, Cointreau and Blue Curacao; the Tropical Sunrise, which is made with 1800 Tequila, Melon Liqueur, pineapple juice, sweet and sour and a splash of grenadine;  the Chambord 1800 Margarita, which is a mix of 1800 Tequila, Cointreau Orange Liqueur and Chambord;  and finally, the El Nino Margarita, which is 1800 Tequila, Cointreau Orange Liqueur and fresh orange juice.

Just like how the old saying goes "Looks good, but taste even better," as I indulge on to these wonderful concoctions that spell nothing but fun, I must say that I fell in love to the taste of the Blue Pacific  Margarita. Though, of course, all of them are great, I just find this one complementing to the dishes that we ordered that night.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pan de Manila: From Pan de Sal to Donut

The evolution of Filipino food has indeed gone along way. From our favorite tasty dishes that are now turning into exquisitely prepared gourmets, which are being raved about abroad, to our ordinary breakfast meals that has turned into an all-day kind of thing. And guess what, our all-time favorite pan de sal is also paving its way as it takes a notch up through Pan de Manila's newest creation - the Pan de Donut.

A Pan de Sal and a Doughnut in one, Pan de Donut is attracting a lot of attention from regular and extra extraordinaire Pinoy foodies as it shares baked-to-yummy-perfection dough that kids and adults could enjoy. Offering a healthy alternative to our ordinary pan de sal, Pan de Donut is said to be bromate-and trans-fat free, thus expect a mouthful of soft, filling bread that is guaranteed healthy in every bite. 

I had a wonderful, colorful and truly Pinoy experience with these treats last time at Pan de Manila, Market! Market!, where these sweet treats are currently sold at, and I'm telling you now - once, you get a hold and a bite of it, it's very hard to stop.
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