Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pan de Manila: From Pan de Sal to Donut

The evolution of Filipino food has indeed gone along way. From our favorite tasty dishes that are now turning into exquisitely prepared gourmets, which are being raved about abroad, to our ordinary breakfast meals that has turned into an all-day kind of thing. And guess what, our all-time favorite pan de sal is also paving its way as it takes a notch up through Pan de Manila's newest creation - the Pan de Donut.

A Pan de Sal and a Doughnut in one, Pan de Donut is attracting a lot of attention from regular and extra extraordinaire Pinoy foodies as it shares baked-to-yummy-perfection dough that kids and adults could enjoy. Offering a healthy alternative to our ordinary pan de sal, Pan de Donut is said to be bromate-and trans-fat free, thus expect a mouthful of soft, filling bread that is guaranteed healthy in every bite. 

I had a wonderful, colorful and truly Pinoy experience with these treats last time at Pan de Manila, Market! Market!, where these sweet treats are currently sold at, and I'm telling you now - once, you get a hold and a bite of it, it's very hard to stop.

Baked not fried, one of the many things that Pan de Manila is boasting about their latest creation, Pan de Manila's also takes pride of their donuts' very Filipino flavors that everyone can really enjoy. And such flavors are Polvoron, Ube, Chocnut and Pili, which when I saw made me so curious about.

I personally liked the one with Chocnut for it really gave me the child-like feeling, comforting and simple joy. I also enjoyed trying the one with Polvoron, because of its sweetness, and lastly, I  liked the one with Cocojam because I simply love Pinoys sweets.

Again, Pan de Manila Market! Market! Taguig is the only branch that sells this treats, but hopefully soon, more Pan de Donuts will be baking in other selected Pan de Manila stores in the metro. Each piece of the Pan de Donut is Php38.00, but if you get more, the price gets lower.

So, to know what's the next branch that will be sharing these delectable treats, follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@pandemanilaofficial).

Happy eating!

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