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A Filling Tender Bob's Experience at Greenbelt 2

A few weeks ago, I was invited by our friends from to dine with them. Together with some food bloggers whom I met for the first time, including some folks from Table for Three, Please,  I never knew that a simple dining invitation would turn out to be this big - and I mean BIG!

They asked us to meet them at Tender Bob's at Greenbelt 2, Ayala Center, Makati City. I've been hearing and reading a lot of good stuff about this place, like their food were really great and the serving size was really generous and all, but I haven't really tried the place, so with curiosity and appetite all ready to indulge, together with my one-week old DSLR, I answered the said invitation and appeared just on time.

I was greeted by the same warm smile of the whole team of Then it was followed by a short introduction to the owners of Tender Bob's. I thought Tender Bob's is an international name, I was slightly surprised that it was owned by two Filipino whom are friends for a very long time. 

The owners' sons were the ones that welcomed us.

After some minutes of chatting, they asked me to sit on the table where appetizers were waiting.

Loaded Potato Skin - Php210.00

I love potato skins especially when they are still crispy, and with this first offering all perfect and nice, I know I'll be having a good time here. The Loaded Potato Skin was served with cheese and garlic mayo dip. I liked the cheese dip more.

After that, two more appetizers were served to us, the Spinach and Artichoke Dip and the Angus Sisig.

Spinach and Artichoke Dip - Php195.00

Angus Sisig - Php180.00

Both additional appetizers were great. Spinach and Artichoke Dip tasted really well, while Angus Sisig, even though it was quite spicy, tasted really nice. I was actually on the verge of asking for a cup of rice. Hehehe.

But before I continue sharing the story about this wonderful feast, we were served with wines courtesy of Mr. Bobby Tenchavez's Lagarde - Tender Bob's exclusive wine distributor. At first, I had a glass of their sparkling white wine to cleanse  my palette and readied it for the upcoming steaks. Then, just before I start munching on the juicy and chewy and really delicious steaks, I had the red wine. Both wines tasted so nice and smooth.

For starter, we were served with Tender Bob's famous salads. I had a chance to taste their Seafood Salad and their Oriental Chicken Salad.

Seafood Salad - Php290.00

Oriental Chicken Salad - Php205.00

Over the two salads that were served to us, my heart goes to the Oriental Chicken Salad. The nice combination of crunchy veggies with the very tasteful dressing matched really nicely and healthy.

After some more munch and gulp, we were asked which side dish we want for our main course, the choices were Plain Rice, Garlic Rice, Angus Rice and The Bomb (thinly sliced potatoes with creamy garlic dressing). At first, I wanna try their Angus Rice, but when the talk about The Bomb started, I chose that instead. After some more minutes, the main course came filling our tables with wonderful colors and inviting aroma.

The Bomb

Garlic Rice

U.S. Angus Short Ribs - Php435.00

U.S. Angus Ribeye Steak - Php1160.00 (for 2)

Braised Aussie Lamb Shank - Php395.00

Since all of these dishes were actually good enough for two to three persons, we shared it with one another giving everyone a chance to have a taste of Tender Bob's pride.

The Bomb was indeed "the bomb"! The creaminess and subtlety of its flavor absolutely gave the main course dishes a balance approach that I really enjoyed.

For those who prefer sweet and melt-in-your-mouth kind of meat, I'm sure that you'll enjoy the U.S. Angus Short Ribs. The sweet and lip-smacking hickory sauce made this entire dish a truly magnificent one. This is the group's favorite that night, served with steamed veggies and corn, even without The Bomb, you'll definitely enjoy this one. Even kids will love this, I'm sure!

As for those who have fangs ready to bite some tender and juicy slab of meat, the U.S. Angus Ribeye Steak is the perfect dish that will satisfy your fangs and will definitely fill your tummy. We had a medium-rare serving of it, and I'd say that the experience would be better if there were some A1 Steak Sauce. Nonetheless, their homemade gravy felt okay with it.

I was already full from those two meat dishes, but having a Braised Aussie Lamb Shank on our table - with mouth-watering sauce and really tasty aroma - saying pass wasn't part of our vocabulary that night. And even though I just had a couple of slices of it, I can say that I never regret pushing it into my stomach, because my mouth just enjoyed its fall-off-the-bone tenderness and yumminess.

I really felt guilty after eating all of those sumptuous offering, but then again, thinking about it, I had a tummy that so full of happiness, so I'm shedding off all the guilt. ^_^ Especially, when we came to the point, where a sizzling plate of oozing and yummy-looking dessert was filling our view.

Sizzling Bread and Butter Pudding 
with Caramel Sauce (not yet in the menu)

It was my first time see such thing, and to be honest, I was quite hesitant to try it because I am not accustomed to some "sizzling" dessert. But then again, the spare "first time" moment in me kicked in, so I dig in together with my other seatmates and enjoy this oozing treat.

It is not everyday that we get a chance to try this kind of stuff, right? ^_^

This dessert is actually a butter pudding placed on a sea of sizzling caramel sauce, topped with vanilla ice cream and whip cream.

To our surprise, it was really, really great! Though, I had some tongue-burn, the sweetness of this whole dish was just perfect. The dish lasted for only five minutes on our table, and we would actually have another plate of it if we weren't that full. Hahaha! (I told you, we are not that "matakaw".)

Another dessert that we tried was the Pleasure Mountain.

Pleasure Mountain - Php375.00

Now, this one cooled down our burning tongue and calmed down our craving palette. How can you not cool down? A bowl full of different flavors and colors of ice cream, drizzled with cute toppings, some choco wafers and cherries - PERFECT to cap the night!

This experience was really something I never imagine myself in. It was full of guilt since I'm trying to control my food intake, but at the same time sooooooo fulfilling that I cannot let myself regret on having every piece of the dishes that were shared to us. and Tender Bob's, thank you so much!
This experience is really something to beat! ^_^

I'll see you again, Tender Bob's, but I'll make sure that I'll have a bigger appetite. And I'll take my revenge with my superfriends whom I'm sure will enjoy your steaks too!

Happy eating!

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  1. i also like their tenderloin, very juicy and tender.

    i love food too, hope you could drop by my blog. :)


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