Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tapaella by Gaudi - Greenbelt 5

I recently visited the newly opened Spanish-cuisine based restaurant in Makati City, exactly at the ground floor of Greenbelt 5, where paella and tapas were crowned as specials - Tapella.

Taaella is the newest restaurant by Gaudi that will surely make a mark to food lovers mainly because of its mouthwatering paella that even kids will enjoy and their juicy tapas that will make you crave for more.

On my first visit, Chef Alexandra Cacho, executive chef of Tapella shared and demonstrated to me and to the other guests Tapaella's top dish, which is the Paella Manchego.

I was honestly surprised to know that she'll be cooking for us a world-renowned dish that I'm so eager to learn. And the best thing about this demo is that she shared to us - YES! - her recipe, all the ingredients ans spices! ^_^

If you wanna know the recipe to this delectable dish, just holler at me. ^_^

Manchego Cheese, Chicken,
Asparagus, Shrimp Paella - Php550.00

Cooking Paella Manchgeo took her around 30 minutes and just by watching her my stomach can't help but to crave for it. It smelled so good and the colors of the dish was really to die for.

After that, she prepared one of Spain's favourite snack, the Cojonudos. It is basically slices of  fluted bread with jamon serrano, red bell pepper and fried quail eggs. This one is so easy to do and I think it is perfect for some cocktail party. And oh, yeah, who would've thought that frying quail eggs will be the cute! Hahaha! We enjoyed watching that one, really.

Cojonudos - Php330.00

And after that, Chef Alexandra also concocted a drink that is perfect for these dishes - Sangria.

I never imagine myself bar tending for my family and friends, but after learning this easy trick to create one soothing drink, I think I just earned a new talent that I can show off to my family and friends. Hahaha. (just kidding)

Sangria by the Glass - Php195.00

After she prepared those three dishes, the tasting time began.

I'd say that out of the three dishes Paella Manchego really took my heart away. It was really good and very tasteful. The cojonudos was fairly good, easy to eat and fun to look at, while the sangria was just perfect.

During my first, we also had a chance to try their other dishes and here are them accordingly:

Chilled Garlic and Almond Shooters - Php90.00

A shot glass of cold soup was really something new to me, and with this first chance of having it here in Tapella, I'd say that the experience was cool. This Chilled Garlic and Almond Shooter was a little creamy and flavorful - a perfect way to start a feast like this.

Camembert with Caramelized Onions
on Fluted Bread - Php210.00

This French inspired sandwich was placed next to our table and if you thought that by just looking at it you can already tell that it is delicious, well, wait till you taste it. This is actually one of my favorites that night, and I will surely have it again on my next visit.

Chorizo Al Vino - Php270.00

This next dish was my most favourite dish. I had an almost the same dish from a Portuguese restaurant in Makati too, and I actually having a hard time telling which one is the best because both tasted really good. This is the best partner to that Sangia above. ^_^ I quite had a lot of Sangria because this dish. ^_^

Calamares con Tinta Romana el Bulli - Php280.00

Though this next dish may look so unappealing and unappetizing at the same time, I bravely took a bite of it and surprised to know that it was okay. *sigh* The black coating on this calamares dish is the black ink of the squid mixed to the crumbs. I just thought that they served us some not-worth serving. Hehehe. And because of it look, I am now considering this dish as an exotic dish, which I hope that you'd try too in case you drop by at Greenbelt 5. ^_^

Octopus with Paprika, Salt
and Virgin Olive Oil - Php310.00

With its chewy texture and sweet-salty flavor, beer lovers will definitely enjoy this one. The exotic appeal was really great, simply showing how Tapella can turn a weird-looking sea creature into a tasty dish. Underneath those slices of octopus were potatoes to balance the paprika flavor of this dish. Another favorite of mine from this joint.

Salpicado de Ternera al Ajillo - Php420.00

As for another specialty of Tapella, the tapas, we had a chance to try one of their beef-base dishes that is quite familiar to my taste buds, the salpicao. I usually have salpicao if I visit a restaurant that offers it, and with this Tapella's version, I was a bit surprised to learned that they are serving their salpicao it in a glass. Nonetheless, the taste was really good and that the meat was tender and juicy. I would love having it again, since for me, I find salpicao one of my comfort foods now.

Platter of Sweetness

Any feast wouldn't be complete without dessert, and Chef Alexandra shared to us a platter of Tapella's best desserts. On the plate above are slices if Apple Pie, Oreo Cheesecake, Rhum Cake, Tocino del Cielo and spoonfuls of Arroz Con Leche. Among those desserts, my favourite was the Oreo Cheesecake but the Arroz con Leche tasted really great as well, so I'm kinda torn between the two. ^_^

Tapella is open from 11 in the morning until 12 midnight daily. With offers like Wine All-You-Can paired with tapas and canap├ęs served every Friday from 6 to 9 in the evening and Beer All-You-Can paired with tapas every Wednesday from 6 to 8 in the evening. This place has a free WiFi for those who can't live offline - like me!

So, if you are craving for some great Spanish dishes, drop by here at Tapella and be surprise to know as to what other Spanish dishes they can offer to you.

Happy eating!

Tapella by Gaudi
Ground Floor Greenbelt 5
Legaspi St., Legaspi Village, Makati City
For reservation: 757-2710

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