Wednesday, March 2, 2011

El Kabayo at Clark, Pampangga

Part of the itinerary we had for our trip to the 16th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival, which took place last February 10 to 13 at Clark, Pampangga, was to visit this Western-themed restaurant that my friend May Ann was bragging about to us for about for almost a year now - the El Kabayo.

Specifically located at Gil Puyat Avenue corner Panday Pira, Clark Freeport Zone, this is where we had our Western lunch before we hit the venue and see those flying light bulbs.

First thing that I loved about the place was it is in a not-so-busy part of Clark. You'll definitely enjoy your time dining here or at least just taking a tour here. And despite of the farm animals, specifically the horses, the air still smells fresh and clean.

The whole yard was clean too, though a little dry, maybe just to give it a more Western look, I'd say that I had a great time looking and exploring  the whole lot.

The horses' barns where painted to look like booths or stalls of such from the Western world. The earthy-rusty colors definitely gave a close-to-Western feel.

El Kabayo also offers tours and horseback riding lessons that your kids will definitely enjoy. I saw some of their staff their touring some Korean kids, and it was fun seeing them enjoying everything.

Going inside the dining area, I can say that they really put a lot of love and effort into it. Everything was just perfect! The interior - accessories, furniture, poster and etcetera - all in these wonderful Western condition.


Some of the stuff are for sale for I saw some of them with price tags. So, don't hesitate to ask the staff. :-)

For our dining experience, first thing that my friend told us was to pick our order fast because the preparation/cooking time will take a lot of time., which was also stated on their menu. So when the menu was handed over to us, which my friend also noticed was changed drastically, we asked the servers quickly on what their specialty is. May Ann didn't recognized the menu and the dishes anymore, it was then we were told that the management was different from the one it was used to be years ago that's why the menu and dishes are different now.

We ordered the one from the Sizzling House Specials' list - El Kabayo's Sheriff's Special. We all ordered the same dishes, since we're not familiar with the dishes and we don't wanna spoil our stomaches for our other activities inlined that day.

El Kabayo's Sheriff's Special - Php295.00

To be honest, my friend was true. Our order took some 30-45 minutes to come! And it was not what I'm expecting to look like. Hahaha!

Well, for the rice, I kinda liked it. It looked cool and nice, cowboy-ish, but for a hungry person like me, I found it waaaaaay too "bitin".

The salpicao-looking steak was good though. It tasted better with the A1 Steak Sauce. I just wish that since it was a steak, I had the chance to slice or chop it. For me, the presentation was kinda poor. I'm not familiar with the Cowboy's food, so I'm just saying these base on my own preferences.

I think if there's any complement to the very long time of waiting that'll be the "somehow" good steak. But, really, so "bitin" for the rice.

After this lunch, I was still craving for some food, thankfully, we had some nuts and biscuits with us. They don't have any desserts since they are sticking to "Western" theme.

I saw some customers drinking ice-cold beer, so I think, if you are up for some "tambay" moment, and you happen to be hear in Pampangga, this is a good spot to stay in.

They also have a Wi-Fi, which for an "online" person like me is a big plus factor, so I somehow 
enjoyed the experience here. The manager/owner who assisted us was also nice too, so thank you, ma'am!

Happy eating! Yee Haw!

El Kabayo
Tele/Fax: (045) 499-0920
Mobile: 0916-5199149

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