Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Pizza and Pasta Love from Figaro!

Aside from the the outstanding coffee experience that one can have from Figaro, their new set of dishes will surely hit the spot for your "Italian gastronomic cravings".

Presenting, the newest addition to Figaro's delectable dishes - Perfectly Pizza and Prepared Fresh Pasta!


I'm a huge pizza and pasta lover. I like my pizza topped with a lot of cheese and I like my pasta still hot when served. And I found these criteria on these Figaro's new dishes - two thumbs up!

Okay, at first I was really astounded, shocked to know that they now have pizza. I mean, hello, pizza and coffee? W-E-I-R-D!

But then, why would you have coffee if they have soothing drinks that goes so well with these dishes, right?

The Perfectly Pizza has two kinds, the Spagnolo Sardine Pizza and the Margherita Pizza.

Spagnolo Sardine Pizza - Php169.00

Margherita Pizza - Php169.00

I'm not into the these unique pizza, really. I'm a little old school when it comes to pizzas - pepperoni, cheese and onions - that's it! But when I tried these two new flavors, I cannot believe that I liked it!

The Spagnolo Sardine has this after-taste impact on my mouth. The taste of the sardine on the dough with cheese on it is kinda remarkable - delectable to the point that you'll have every bit of every slice of this pizza. The other toppings match wonderfully giving you a satisfying experience.

But if you want something that's truly outstanding and organic, if I may add, then you should have their Margherita Pizza.

The taste of the basil is truly wonderful! It is so addicting that having a whole pan is not enough to satisfy your craving for this kind. Every slice, every bit and every topping counts! I fell in love with it in just one bite - no kidding! I highly recommend this pizza to everybody, especially to all the vegetarians out there. Really, really wonderful!

In addition, the thing, I think, that made these pizzas really delicious, is the very crispy thin crust that adds crunch to every bite. Oh, I just love it! I'm having a hard time to explain it. LOL.

As for the pasta dishes, they have two flavors as well. The Aglio Olio and the Piccanti Gamberetti.

Aglio Olio - Php169.00

Piccanti Gamberetti - Php199.00

To some, the serving might find it quite unreasonable, but I think when you start digging in to these pasta dishes, a light bulb in your head will light up and will let you know that the price and serving is just perfect.

The Aglio Olio was okay. Not too outstanding but not that bad. Well, it's not just some usual Aglio Olio that you can have in other restaurants, this one has some chili in it, so I think that gives this dish a little kick or edge to some Aglio Olio out there. But nonetheless, it just a simple pasta dish, comforting and homey.

The Piccanti Gamberetti, on the other hand,  wasn't that different from Aglio Olio. Actually, this one is just an Aglio Olio with shrimp. Nothing too fancy, except the mouth-watering shrimps that were on top of the pasta.

So, if you want something plain and you have an allergy to seafood, have the Aglio Olio pasta. You can even save some bucks compared to the Piccanti Gamberetti. But if you love seafood, just like me, and you have some spare money, then go to the fancier pasta, have it Piccanti Gamberetti. I'm sure you'll just love saying Gamberetti over and over again, just like me again. Hehehe.

And as I said before, since having hot coffee with these dishes would be a terrible idea to some, Figaro also prepares something new and something nice to drink. New frosts that will definitely give you a satisfying delight - the White Chocolate Macadamia Frost and the Blackberry Mocha Frost.

White Chocolate Macadamia Frost - Php125.00

Blackberry Mocha Frost - Php125.00

I had the Blackberry Mocha Frost the night I tried these dishes, and I'm happy to say that I sipped it all the way down to the bottom of the cup. It was really good, the blackberry taste was pleasing - addicting to some point, too. And I'm really glad that I had this one to end this tummy-filling (yet, again) experience here at Figaro.

I'll try the white drink next time, and I'll let you know how it taste like. But if I got you craving for these, well, go ahead to your nearest Figaro branch, and tell me what you think about the white drink and the other dishes that you will have.

For now, bon app├ętit! Happy eating!

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