Monday, February 7, 2011

New All-Day Breakfast from Figaro!

Last year, I shared on my Recycle Bin of a Middle Child blog my experience with Figaro's All-Day Breakfast by Chef Karl Marxist Tan. I'm proud to say that I enjoyed tasting those breakfast meals that they prepared for us that day, especially the Gourmet Crispy Tuyo.

But, unfortunately, just like any teleseryes, some dishes have to bid goodbye. But let us not worry, because as some things ought to bid farewell, there's always some thing new that comes around.

And this time, two wonderful comfort meals were prepared to us by Figaro - Marinated Boneless Bangus and Beef Tapa Supreme.

Marinated Boneless Bangus - Php150.00

Beef Tapa Supreme - Php150.00

Since, I'm a huge meat fan, I ordered the Beef Tapa Supreme.

Beef Tapa Supreme and Marinated Boneless Bangus comes with salsa, perfectly fried egg and rice topped with garlic bits. Both meals also come with an 8-ounce brewed coffee.

I'm kinda expecting a little like what's on the picture because the last time I had this All-Day Breakfast from Figaro, I had just like what's on the picture. Unfortunately, I received a meal that's quite different. The tapa strips that I'm expecting to be dry and dark came in a salpicao-like dish, which, for me, is a no-no. I like my fried beef tapa dry and a little dark. The one that I received was a little dull and comes in this chunk-sized meat with sauce.

Was it chewy? Yes. Did it taste good? Yes.
But it was way different from the tapa that I used to have.
The one that I used to really like. :-(

I believe you can suggest something like "well-done" or something close to that to their cook.
So, I'll try asking them them next time to make my tapa a little dry, a little darker and comes in strips not chunks.

As for the rice, I didn't enjoy just like the beef tapa, because the rice was sticky (cooked with too much water, I guess). I think the perfect rice for this kind of beef tapa dish is something that's a little oily or really dry. Steamed rice seems so boring for a wonderful beef tapa.

As for the Marinated Boneless Bangus, it tasted as great as it seems to be. I wish I had this instead of the Beef Tapa Supreme.

If there's any compliment to that Beef Tapa Supreme meal, that was the good ole Figaro brewed coffee.

So, if you feel like eating a breakfast dish on noontime or even at dinner time, feel free to drop by at any Figaro branch and they'll be happy to serve you their all-day breakfast meals.

P.S. The Pork Longganisa was good too! :-)

Happy eating!

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