Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sofitel's Spiral is the L-O-V-E!

I know that there are a lot of people or couples out there who are already planning what to do, where to go or what to eat on Valentine's Day. And I know that there are a lot of them who are willing to spend so much just to prove how much they love their partners...

If that's the case, I think to truly enjoy your hard-earned money and to surely put a smile on the face of your love one, treat him/her to an eye-catching, mouth-watering and tummy-filling Spiral buffet.

Only available at Sofitel Manila's Spiral Restaurant, I've been to a lot of hotel buffet offerings and I still think that when it comes to price, location, wide variety and taste, Spiral still holds my most favourite buffet place in Manila.

How could you resist the very inviting ambiance of Sofitel and its over whelming display of wonderful dishes from the different parts of the world, right?

Have it Asian, Mediterranean, Italian, American, I think they just have all the cuisines in the world!

No wonder, by the time the clock ticks to lunch time or dinner time, the number of people who visits this place keeps getting bigger and bigger.

As for the Lafanggero me, my favourite spot is, of course, the Dessert Station.

The wonderful eye-catching colors, cute servings and the oh-so-yummy-taste of their desserts never fail to put a big, big smile on my face. My big smile goes together with my bloated, happy tummy. I just love it! Hahaha!


Aside from the delectable dishes that Spiral offers, the people of Spiral are so nice too. I guess, that's one good thing when you eat at hotel restaurants, the people are generally polite, nice and very approachable. One thing you must consider if you are going on a date this coming Valentine's Day.

So, if still don't have any plans this coming Valentine's Day or you just wanna surprise your partner with something that will make her Love Day "fulfilling", call Sofitel and reserve a table for two!

Spiral's rate are as follows:
Lunch Buffet  (Monday to Saturday) - Php2073.00
Brunch Buffet (Sunday) - Php2687.00
Dinner Buffet (Sunday to Thrusday) - Php2319.00
Dinner Buffet (Friday to Saturday) - Php2565.00

But this coming February 12 to 14, Valentine's weekend, the Dinner Buffet will cost you Php4,039.00 each.

I'm sure this place will be packed with lovebirds on the 14th, so better reserve a table than to be sorry. :-)

Happy eating and Happy Valentine's Day!
Love, love, love!

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