Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boracay: Real Coffee & Tea Café – A Real Goodness

Wanna know why Boracay ranked 4th on the list of the Must-Visit Places here in the world? Well, that is because aside from its must-experience white sand that is said to be the finest in the whole world, Boracay is also a hotspot for delectable food-finds that one shouldn’t miss. And here on this blog, I’ll let you know one must-taste food in Boracay that will make you fall in love with the island more – The Real Coffee & Tea Cafe.

Famous for its pristine white sand and abundant sea creatures, Boracay has been one of the tourists’ favourite places for relaxation and dining. But did you know that aside from those mouthwatering seafood that you can have here, Boracay is also a haven for this delectable and oh-so-fluffy muffin that is available only here. And guess what, its flavour? Calamansi!

Here in Real Coffee & Tea Cafe, which is located at Station 1 near Yellow Cab and All Flip-flops store, is one simple yet very famous coffee shop that you must visit when you come to this paradise.

Real Coffee & Tea Café made its name when they launched their own version of Calamansi Muffin. Perfect for those who are into unique food finds, Calamansi Muffin is made famous for its all-natural citrus-y flavour, which I believe is perfect too for summer season.

Calamansi Muffin - Php45.00

During my visit here in Boracay, I had a wonderful moment spending some of time at Real Coffee & Tea Cafe’s very quaint place. Made of bamboo and some local wood, the place will give you a very homey-slash-coastal lifestyle that you would enjoy. Let’s match that with their pleasing and all-smile attendants, I really had a great time chatting with the islands locals and of course, tasting their delicious Calamansi Muffin.

A great treat in the morning or late in the afternoon, I spent some time there having a taste of this splendid muffin. I thought it will just give me that same old lemon muffin, but when I had my first bite of it, I am amazed by how this one delighted me that afternoon, as if I haven’t tried any muffin before.

To complement its citrus-y taste, I also ordered a cup of hot chocolate to make my rest time here more relaxing and rejuvenating – a time worth spent.

Hot Chocolate - Php100.00

Other flavoured muffins are also available here in Real Coffee & Tea Cafe, they also have cakes, cookies and other pastries that you would enjoy, but I strongly suggest that you have their Calamansi Muffin – their bestseller.

They also serve for takeouts if you want to bring these muffins as “pasalubong”. But I’m suggesting that you ordered them ahead of time to make sure that you’ll have something for yourself and for your loves ones. Again, their bestseller, so a lot of tourists and even locals patronize this one.

Real Coffee & Tea Café is open from 7 in the morning til 7 in the evening. They also serve breakfast meals at a very affordable price, so if it’s your first here in Boracay, feel free to look for this place, and I guarantee you that you’ll be delighted as I was when I found it. 

So again, if ever you are visiting Boracay or you are already in Boracay, don’t forget to have their must-have Calamansi Muffin to complete your adventure on this beautiful island.

Enjoy and happy eating!


  1. Yellow Cab is at Station 2 not 1 so this might be at Station 2.


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