Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The State-of-the-Art Electrolux Mobile Cafe

Though this post may be late to share, I think it is still worthy to let you know where my tummy brought me this time to have a delightful meal. And in a place where organic food supreme, who would've thought that a state-of-the-art cafe will blend in and will give delight to a lot of people. Without further ado, let me present to you the Electrolux Cafe!

Last December 3, I had a chance to check out this amazing truck full-load of amazing and I-wish-to-have Kitchen and Home appliances, all made and created by Electrolux!

Mercato Centrale gladly presented to the public that day the newest addition to their growing stalls of incredible offerings, and this time, Electrolux E-Cafe is not just offering sumptuous dishes that you can enjoy, they also opened their doors to let everyone experience a wonderful life with Electrolux.

Aside from the tummy-filling free treats that I had that morning, I also got to check out these amazing Home and Kitchen appliances that are so hard to forget.

There's the Electrolux air conditioning system, microwave oven, cooking ranges, refrigerators, blenders, built-in hobs, washing machine and even vacuum cleaner! 

I had a wonderful trying some of those appliances and to be honest, the urge of buying one is already in my mind. I love their microwave oven, blender and cooking range! It feels like a professional chef holding those stuff.

I believe this E-cafe will be travelling in different parts of the country, so I suggest that you should look after this truck for you to enjoy its amazing treats in store for everybody!

Happy holidays!

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