Thursday, December 1, 2011

Distrito Makati: Now Serving!

Under the clear night sky of Makati, without the noise and the rest of the pollution, settled another steaming night market that is ready to serve every workaholic in town with sumptuous dishes inspired by the different cuisines of the world. A food district brought to us by the makers of Mercato CentraleDistrito Makati, now serving!

Last Wednesday as it finally welcomes their first guests, I had a chance to check out Distrito Makati and had a sumptuous dinner that I would love to do every night. (since I work here in Makati :-P)

Distrito Makati is created in line with Makati's latest campaign of Make It Happen Make It Makati. And together with Mercato Centrale creators, headed by the food blogger Anton Diaz and food enthusiast and TV host RJ Ledesma, Distrito Makati finally opened its tent to Makati patrons who are so eager to have comfortable food at a very affordable price.

Located at the parking lot of Makati Medical Center, this food haven is open every Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9 in the evening til 3 in the morning.

From the comfort food such as sausages, pizza, pasta, hamburgers, fries to street food like isaw, kwek-kwek and many more up to nachos, ice creams and fruit shakes, you can find them all now here at Distrito Makati.

And since I'm one of the many who experienced it last week, let me share to you some tips to enjoy a night of bingeing and serious dining. 

First, go here in your comfortable or casual clothes since the place might be filled with so many people. But if your coming in here from work, well, I guess, the only thing that I can suggest to you is at least bring some extra clothes, so if ever you're going back to your workplace, you wouldn't be smelling all nasty ans smoky. Hehe.

Second, be ready to drool. With so many food that are all on display - crunchy, sweet, appetizing and aromatic - you'll be having a hard time which one you'll get. So bring that darn hanky! Haha!

Third, make sure the your pocket, purse or wallet is full. Though, most of the meals and dishes here are enough for two and quiet affordable, some tends to be a little price-y too. There are nearby ATMs, but just to make sure that you wouldn't be falling short on cash, bring at least Php300.00, which is the safest money to have one fulfilling meal.

Fourth, if you can, come in early. Because even though there are a lot of tables and chairs, there are times that the place gets really crowded.

Lastly, Distro Makati is just an open tent for now, and with a weather that is just so unpredictable, it is best to bring an umbrella or a raincoat or even just a fan to keep you dry during rainy work nights or ventilated during busy hours.

I guess, that's just it, and you are all ready to enjoy Makati at night!
You are ready to enjoy Distrito Makati!

Happy eating!

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  1. I've visited Midnight Mercato recently and I loved the Manang's Chicken there to the bones. Eto pala yung sinasabi ni Edwin sakin na bagong weekend market sa Makati. Looks interesting. :)


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