Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Unbelievable Project Pie Experience

"If I were you, I'll have half of Number 1 and half of Number 2."

Number 1 and Number 2 Pizza

When I asked him what a first-timer like me should have from Project Pie, these are the words that came from the man who is behind all of these pizza building experiences that we are having now right here in Manila, Mr. James Markham.

We may always get the food that we want, we may always have that perfect seat where we can enjoy these food, but it is not everyday that you'll run into the restaurant's owner, chat with him and give you great advises on how to enjoy the meals that he created for everyone.

This is my unbelievable Project Pie experience!

A man who loves vintage and believes that simplicity is always the best, until now, I cannot believe that my first-ever experience at Project Pie, an artisan pizza parlor that is slowly making its mark in the Philippines market, would be as remarkable and memorable as this because I get to dine with its owner, James Markham!

It is not ordinary for a blogger like me to meet the person or people behind a brand's name - I think, this is one of the best perks of being a blogger. But when you visit an international store for the first time, not knowing that the brain behind its genius creation would be there to assist, guide and make you enjoy your dining experience more, you are left with nothing but gasp and oh, that will surely make you more hungry - both for food and learning.

Visiting the Philippines for 4 days only, I was lucky to meet the creator of the new pizza parlor in town that let's you design and build the pizza that will satisfy your craving. To see how the brand he established is doing in a country where food competition is really tough, James was really glad to know that most of their customers here in the Philippines find his idea great, mainly because of the sense of freedom and creativity injected to each experience.

On the few minutes that he spent on our table, I somehow learned how this great guy is so true, simple and direct to the point. "Project Pie to me is like a spur of the moment project. It is like an experiment that works and keeps on generating, which is why it is here in the Philippines now," said James when we asked him how the idea of creating this store come about.

"I'm not afraid to screw up," he added as we go along with the idea of the creating the perfect Project Pie pizza. "Less is more, actually, when we are talking about our pizza. That's why I'm telling you to get Number 1 because, for me, nothing beats a Classic Cheese Pie."

Right now, there are seven Project Pie branches in the country, with its first store in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City. Before 2014 ends, they'll have their 8th and 9th store and these will be at Forbes Tower, Valero, Makati City and at Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

All Project Pie pizzas are priced at Php285.00 each, except for the Number 1, which is priced at Php245.00. There are seven pre-selected types to choose from, and from there you could add extra toppings that you prefer. Vegetarians no need to worry because Project Pie has an array of wonderful vegetable toppings that vegetarians could enjoy.

I'm thankful that I finally had a chance to try this amazing pizza brand, but I'm more thankful for the inspiration that James Markham has shared to us during his visit here in the Philippines. Indeed, more than the taste of the food, the ambiance and service here at Project Pie are also superb that completed my unbelievable experience. 

Lafanggero with James Markham

How I wish you'll all get to meet James too to personally hear his amazing stories as he creates this amazing, and now, an international brand.

'Twas nice meeting you, James!
Happy eating!

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