Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Figaro of the North

Whether it is in the South or, in this case, North, there's always something about Figaro Coffee that we'll never get tired of having, right? It's purely Filipino approach to the oldest drink is what makes it more irresistible. And now that it opens it space at Trinoma, there are more reasons to love the brand over and over again. 

Hello there! Welcome to the Figaro of the North!

A few days back, my sister and I spent a relaxing Sunday at the newest kiosk of Figaro in Trinoma, Quezon City. With enough space to serve about a dozen of coffee drinkers, this place served as our nest after our shopping craze in the mall. 

Despite of being newly opened, it was so nice to know that they offer their delicious meals here that are just as good as its looks.

The service isn't as smooth as the other stores yet, but I think they guys who assisted us tried their very best to accommodate us all. In all fairness, the dining experience is pleasing as it should be and all our favorites are available that time. So without further ado, here are the Figaro dishes that we enjoyed that night.

For the pasta, we had the Arrabiata and Pesto. Each pasta dish comes with a regular size iced tea. We also ordered my favorite pizza from them, the Classic one.

Arrabiata - Php179.00 and Pesto - Php179.00

Classic Pizza - Php179.00

So, if ever you'll be in Trinoma and you need a place to rest after shopping or after watching a great movie, Figaro Coffee is now available at the second level of this mall.

Happy eating!

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