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11 Dishes you must try at Maginhawa St., QC Food Festival

Gaining popularity for offering affordable yet excellent and homey meals to the peaceful and quite villages of U.P., Sikatuna and the likes, Maginahawa Street in Quezon City prepared something more exciting for everyone as its city celebrates its 75th Jubilee Anniversary this October 11.

Known for its great line-up of hole-in-the-wall food stations, Maginhawa is gearing up towards more unique and almost out-of-this-world food ideas that are sure to catch more attention and gather more foodies especially this coming weekend.

I had a wonderful time experiencing different food stalls in the area last weekend - finally! - from a simple "carenderia" type of place to the chic and modern kind to the artsy fartsy spot - Maginhawa Street is indeed a food haven everyone should visit and experience. It is through this activity that I realized how lucky these individuals, families and friends living around the area are - everything is simply amazing and irresistible!

And because of this amazing experience that I decided to list down 11 of the most filling, colorful, delicious and pocket-friendly dishes that you MUST TRY when you visit Maginahawa Street this weekend for its Quezon City Food Festival.

Starting as early as 6 in the morning, be ready to enjoy the aroma of delicious breakfast meals that you could get in almost every establishment along the 2.165 kilometer street of Maginhawa. For those who enjoy simple and straight-to-the-point breakfast meals, Jek's Ku-bo offers affordable and homey meals for as low as Php50.00. Add some more to your budget and you could enjoy this plateful Adobo Flakes for only Php80.00.

So flavorful and filling, this one could make you last all morning as you enjoy the spectacle Quezon City has prepared for everyone.

Jek's Ku-bo Adobo Flakes - Php80.00

By lunch, if you are still full but couldn't resist the temptation of eating, I'm suggesting that you try these two protein-rich sandwiches from two different restaurant in Maginhawa Street. If you prefer something light but still comforting, Sweet's Spot's version of pulled pork Adobo Sandwich will give you a nice protein boost while enjoying the artsy fartsy interior of the restaurant.

Sweet Spot's Pulled Pork Adobo Sandwich - Php160.00

Nowadays, it is important for a food joint or restaurant to have an "Instagrammable" ambiance - something that guests would love to take a picture of every corner of the restaurant. And when it comes to that kind, RBY's Steak and Shake is also on the line up of the food joints in Maginhawa Street that possess picturesque interior. But not only their interiors, but also their food! Just like this mouthwatering and cheese-dripping Classic Philly Cheeseteak.

RBY's Classic Philly Cheesesteaks - Php160.00

Almost good enough for two, this sandwich is composed of nicely cut steaks drizzled with our favorite wiz cheese.

Walking under the sun and deciding where to go next could be really tiring, so after lunch, I suggest that you pay a visit to Maginhawa's snow place - Snow Creme. Get a glass of one of their bestseller milk teas, the  Mocchachino or better yet get a bowl of their shining and cooling Golden Mango Snow Creme.

Snow Creme's Mocchachino Milk Tea - Php90.00

Snow Creme's Golden Mango - Php170.00

Their milk was quite good and nice, but I seriously think that their Snow Creme is sa must-try here in Maginhawa Street. Consisted of cubed fresh mango, milk and perfectly shaved ice with cream and milk, I guess, this Snow Ice is a perfect heat-buster or noon-time dessert.

We, Filipinos, celebrate the setting of the sun by having some merienda - an attitude we acquire from our Western colonizers, and for your merienda in Maginhawa Street, a must-try Filipino dish is this supreme palabok cooked by Quezon City's very own Mrs. Marciana.

Marciana's Palabok - Php230.00

Oozing with Filipino flavors and colors, this Supreme Palabok is perfect for sharing and comes great with their Buko Pandana Puto or Steamed Rice Cake. But if you want something more Oriental, go back to Sweet Spot and have a plate of their in-demand pasta dish, the Kung Pao Chicken,

Sweet Spot's Kung Pao Chicken - Php180.00

A bit spicy, but hey, it's already night when you're done, and what better way to enjoy the night than having something that will make you crazy. But before we go gaga, I have something here for those who can't help but to have sweets.

Wicked Kitchen's Greed - Php178.00

Taking pride of their 7 sinful desserts, Wicked Kitchen shared to us two of their most loved sweet courses, starting with Greed - a modern take on our beloved smores. Kids and kids at heart will definitely enjoy this as it is so fun to eat and the taste is simply enjoyable.

For some serious dessert eating, Gluttony is our friend here at Wicked Kitchen. A giant cookie topped with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream and then drizzled with chocolate, this one won't take you to hell but to heaven of goodness - seriously!

Wicked Kitchen's Gluttony - Php295.00

Some of you may already be tired by this time - eating, walking and deciding where to go next -  so if you wanna relax, well, head on back to Jek's Ku-bo. Feel the vibe of its hippy and cool ambiance at night while enjoying a glass or two of their refreshing Buko Shake and an order of this festive looking Pork Sisig. 

Jek's Ku-Bo Pork Sisig - Php75.00

If you just want something that is really comforting, then why not have a hot bowl of their Bulalo. With it's price and taste, I'm assuring you that this is one of the best Bulalo meals that I had in the metro. And I bet that this will give you a good night.

Jek's Ku-Bo Bulalo - Php150.00

Quezon City has prepared a lot of activities this coming weekendas part of their 75th Jubilee Celebration. Aside from the Food Festival in Maginhawa, there will be some activities in areas like La Loma, Tomas Morato, San Francisco Del Monte, Libis, IBP Road, Commonwealth Avenue and Quezon Memorial Circle such as boodle feast, street concerts, medical missions, malls sales and the much-awaited Zumba that aims to be a Guinness World Record.

If you think these 11 dishes are not enough, well, come back for more information as to what other dishes you should try when you visit Maginhawa Street this filling weekend! I still have a lot to share! :-)

Happy eating!

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