Monday, November 25, 2013

Whipping Christmas with Clara Ole Products!

Last week, I received a sweet package from a brand that is now ready to fill our Christmas dining table with delicious and healthy meals that aren't just eye-candy but also easy to prepare. And to be honest, I didn't expect that Clara Ole's brand is now this big and composed of really exciting products that can help not only moms but also those who aspire to know how to cook.

Everyday, one of my mom's daily problems is what food to cook for me and my siblings. Her knowing us how "maarte" we are when it comes to home-cooked meals, especially me, because I rarely have a chance to eat at home due to my busy schedule outside, she always makes sure that her dishes are 100% perfect when we are all home to dine and to bond.

And if everyday isn't enough, well, holidays, like this coming Christmas, takes the challenge up for her to whip up with something more delicious and memorable that is enough for it to serve as our Christmas gift from her.

Luckily, this year, with this exciting gift from Clara Ole, she can now whips up a fast, simple and flavorful dishes that are set to make our Holidays more filling, colorful and truly memorable.

Aside from being a pasta sauce, Clara Olé has Pancake Syrups now, perfect partner for our pancakes in the morning. From Original, Maple, Cinnamon and Truly Fruity,  Clara Olé Pancake Syrups is set to give you excitement at the first hour of the day. But if you are a bread-in-the-morning person, there's also the Clara Olé Jams and Jellies that are perfect for any and all bread recipes.

While for lunch or dinner, we can now enjoy the best cuts of chicken, pork or beef by marinating them using Clara Olé mouth-watering marinades. For a classic taste of grilled meat, there's the Clara Olé Original Barbeque Marinade to satisfy that craving. For something that will surely play with your senses as soon as it hits your palate, the Honey Mustard, Hickory and Spicy flavors are the best choice. Korean food lovers can also enjoy the Clara Olé Korean Barbeque Marinade,  and as for those who wanna bring back their glorious childhood memories, the Clara Olé line of flavorful Tapa and Tocino and Inasal marinades are perfect for that chicken char-grilled goodness.

And since our family is really a big pasta lover, Clara Olé's Italian Style, Sweet Style, Three-Cheese, and Filipino Style are good options to bring warmth to our joyous celebration. There's also the Clara Olé Chunky Tomato with Three-Cheese, Chunky Tomato with Basil, Cheesy Pesto, Kung Pao and Mushroom to liven up any meal and make your celebration more sophisticated and healthy tasting.

As for those who are on a diet or just love veggie salad or chips, Clara Olé offers its Dips n’ Dressings selection starting with the Thousand Island, Caesar, Honey Mustard, Ranch and Asian. Further more, there's their Vinaigrettes that come in flavors like Orange, Sesame, Pesto, Parmesan and Mango. 

Don't you think its about time to celebrate Christmas with a name that has been trusted for a long time. Know more about Clara Olé value offerings by visiting their website or following them on Facebook, or connect via Instagram @claraoleph. You can also catch the exciting Clara Olé webisodes called “Pot Sessions: A Cook Without A Book”  via the Facebook app:

Thank you, Clara Olé! Stay tune for  my version of Clara Olé dishes!

Happy Christmas and happy eating!

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