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The Art of Japanese Cuisine in Wafu's Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet

Situated at the very heart of Greenhills, San Juan, opened almost a  year now, Wafu is a modern-style Japanese restaurant giving twist and modern approach to Japanese dishes that swept many Filipinos feet and palette off. And last week, together with some friends, I was able to try their latest sit-down offering that consist of 12 hot out-of-the-stove dishes collectively known as the Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet.

Yes, you read it right - BUFFET. So, if you think that the small servings of 12 different Japanese dishes won't be enough, you can keep them coming as long as you finish the first set of 12 dishes, according to out serving chef that night, Jonathan.

Anyway, upon getting our spot on the second level of this very exquisite restaurant - the most exquisite Japanese restaurant, I've been to, actually - our group was welcomed by our chef and two more servers who will be guiding us t our Japanese cuisine adventure.

The first two courses that were presented to us are consisted of Miso Soup that tasted just perfect and felt nicely hot that set our mood and our appetite for this gastronomic tour back to the Land of the Rising Sun. While the Wafu House Salad, though, tasted a little strong due to the onions in it, is equally okay for starters.

1st Course - Miso Soup

2nd Course - Wafu House Salad

As we welcomed the third course, we were asked if we wanna have Japanese Rice along with with it. I'm a little hesitant to asked for a cup at first, because we weren't even on the middle of our adventure here in Wafu, but when I saw the cup, oh, well, I said yes! Hahaha!

Wafu Japanese Rice

Yes, I regret having this when we were on the 8th course. Hahaha!

Anyway, going back, the third course that was presented to us is this Tofu Steak. It was fried and plated right in front of us, so I kinda asked our chef how cook I want it to be. And seriously, this one is one of the best I had that night. The nice texture of the tofu and the sweet and salty flavor coming from the sauce offer this perfect balance in the palette. It tasted so pleasing that I had it on my "Round 2" list.

3rd Course - Tofu Steak

The fourth course, which is made of U.S. Hanger Steak, was my least favorite. Right after tasting the savory tofu, going back to a mild-tasting gravy of a steak was kinda off for my palette. I had a hard time appreciating the flavor of this whole dish, but thankfully, the meat's texture was okay. They should had this one first before the Tofu Steak, I think.

4th Course - U.S. Hanger Steak

The excitement of our adventure here started when our chef started placing the slices of Blue Marlin on his stove. One of the best stating fish in the world, this dish was slightly fried then gun-fired to toast its sides then dressed with wasabi mayo. Yes, there's a nice kick from the wasabi that made me appreciate the taste of this whole dish. The fish was nicely done too, so I enjoyed this whole thing.

5th Course - Blue Marlin

The sixth course has a Teriyaki Sauce as its dressing, and you've guessed it right, it's a chicken! Right after the fiery Blue Marlin, you'll just be delighted to have this Hard Seared Sous Vide Chicken because it offers that sweet flavor that Filipinos love. The serving of this one is kinda small though, so I suggest you have it too on your "Round 2" list.

6th Course - Hard Seared Sous Vide Chicken

The seventh course came unexpectedly great! With Spinach and Sauce Ana melted on top of this beautiful pink Salmon, grilled by the way, this made to my favorite dishes for this gastronomic adventure.

7th Course - Grilled Salmon

Then, it was immediately  followed by one of my favorite Japanese dishes, the Ebi Tempura. There's really nothing special about this one, but I'm glad that they have it on the list to make it more homey and tempting. The plate is consisted of one ebi (shrimp) and two slices of  yasai (vegetable).

8th Course - Ebi Tempura

The stomach started to bloat at this time. I can feel the weight of the dishes that we had despite of its small portions. I wanna take a break actually after the eighth dish, but when I saw what our chef is preparing for our 9th course, I just said add more pepper on my potions. Haha!

9th Course - U.S. Tenderloin

I must say that they regained by their reputation on meat with this one. The nicely peppered U.S. Tenderloin was cooked in saikoro style, meaning in diced style, making it easy to eat. And with its sweet, salty and a bit sour flavor, this kinda gave me the impression of Japanese adobo.

10th Course - Japanese Sea Bass

This tenth dish, which reminded me of Spanish Sardines, kind of because of its looks, is actually drenched in mango salsa making this Japanese Sea Bass a little sweet and sour. This is my first time to try this kind of fish in a Japanese restaurant, and I'm kinda felt okay having it. Having something light at this part mean only one thing, we are about to end.

11th Course - Sushi Sampler

But Wafu doesn't want their guests going home not even trying one of their best offering, the Sushi Sampler. A smaller portion of freshly prepared sushi, this was our eleventh dish that kinda capped off our exploration here in Wafu. 

12th Course - Wafu Ice Cream

And to really capped off our night and our adventure here in Wafu Greenhills, Wafu Strawberry Ice Cream was then served cleansing our palette and ending the adventure the sweetest and coolest way possible.

It was kind of a Survivor in Japan kind of dining experience - who will say enough, who will reach the end of the adventure, and who will stay for another round. I'm glad that almost everything was great and each was prepared in a very enticing way, that would make anyone not just appreciate the taste but also the art of Japanese cuisine.

And since Wafu is celebrating its first year, they are giving their guests a 50% discount from the regular price of Php1800 for this Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet. You'll pay only Php900.00++ (or Php1080 nett) per person from today until December 30, 2013.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this chance now and enjoy a day or night of Japanese cuisines all prepped up with its delightful flavors and artistic presentation.

Happy eating!

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