Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Celebrate Flavors of Asia in Marriott Hotel Manila!

For only Php2300.00 on Sunday to Thursday and Php2500.00 on Friday and Saturday, your palette could experience the best of the bests of Asian cuisine at the comfort of our own country. And last night, as I indulged to these Asian delights that were prepared specifically for this festivity by four chefs who were hailed from different Asian countries, Marriott Hotels Manila's Flavors of Asia is not just a must-taste but also a must-experience food festivity!

Marriott Hotel Manila takes pride of bringing top-caliber hotel chefs from different parts of Asia, from Renaissance Kuala Lumpur’s Chef Ruhizad Muri, JW Marriott Jakarta’s Chef Dadang Wahyudi, Renaissance Riverside Saigon Chef Phan Tien Hoa and JW Marriott Bangkok Chef Thanatorn Krobsuay.

I was able to meet all four of them last night, bearing their sweet smiles, they presented four of their most delicious dishes from their very own country - dishes that excite not just our hearts but also our palettes.

After some chatting and picture taking with the chefs, the Asian feast - our feast - began at Marriott Cafe.

Marriott Cafe's buffet section isn't just divided into four parts actually. Since they are presenting the whole of Asia here, they really want their guests a real and full Asian cuisine experience, so they prepared a great selection of Asian cuisines that anyone can truly enjoy. Aside from, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian and Vietnamese cuisines, there are also Chinese, Japanese and Filipino' dishes that added more fun and colors to this grand food festivity.

On my first dibs on this exciting Asian food adventure, I find comfort at this Vietnamese Soup. I honestly do not have any idea as to how their food tastes at the beginning, so when I got this cup of steaming hot flat-noodled soup, I was honestly kinda worried. This is my first dish, so it'll have this huge effect on my perception towards the other dishes, thankfully, out of luck or should I say out of great taste, I genuinely enjoyed it. The taste of the soup was really unique - nothing that I can compare to any Filipino dish - but it has this comforting feel that really delighted me. I asked the chef to add chicken in here instead of beef, so it was a really nice Chicken Vietnamese Soup that I highly recommend to everybody. ;-) 

After this soup, I know that I'm more ready to explore this food fest, and to its greatness, there's really a lot to explore. From spicy, salty food to smelly and pungent dishes, to sweet and simple and mouthwatering, every dish was carefully handpicked to make sure that this luxury hotel's guests will have just the best of Asia.

And from all those things that I saw, here's what I got for my second plate. Well, actually this is just half of my second plate, I wasn't able to take a picture of the other half because I got too excited. Hahaha!

Aside from those delectable dishes, Marriott Hotel Manila's Flavors of Asia made sure that no one will be left hanging thirsty, and one of the most delicious drinks that I've had, and to be honest I got addicted to this that night, was this drink called Apolkat Shake. This is an Indonesian drink that even though it wasn't that really refreshing, the taste was really, really right on the smack of my sweet tooth! I never knew that Avocado and Chocolate could taste this great! I really love it!!!

But of course, the sweetest of them all is nothing but their amazing selection of Asian fruits and desserts that were the highlight, for me, of this whole Asian food adventure.

From this section, you'll notice how us, Filipinos, resemble so much to our neighboring countries. Our love for sweet foods and dishes that has coconut milk in it is obviously very common to every country in our region, making us all really sweet people with big smiles on our faces. Nice!

With all the dishes that I tasted and drinks that helped me to eat more, it was really a two-thumbs up experience! I don't wanna say this, but I really think that with the addition of the dishes from three more countries - Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia - this is far better than last year's Thai Food Fest of Marriott Hotel Manila. 

And, to be honest, this is by far, the best buffet - Asian buffet - I had in the country.

So, if you are thinking twice, well, I'd say that think no more! Because Marriott Hotel Manila's latest offering, which only available this July, is a must-experience food escapade!

What are you waiting for? Come and visit Marriott Hotel Manila now, and let you discriminating taste enjoy this offering!

For more information about Flavors of Asia, you can call Marriott Cafe at (02) 988-9999.

Happy eating, everyone!


  1. hi alex! sarap mag buffet no! hehe

    1. Yes! Super sarap kaya sulit ang bayad! Gusto ko ngang bumalik... :-)


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