Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Red Crab Series: Clawdaddy's and Its Boiling Bag Goodies

The last time I visited Clawdaddy's here in Bonifacio High Street was when they have this Mardi Gras celebration. The celebration was teamed up by its sister food chain New Orleans, which is just beside it, so it was really one colorful and spectacular dining experience for all guests. And recently, as I pay a visit on this "Great American Picnic" themed restaurant again, they happily presented to us their newest bag of goodies that really made me go gaga - seafood gaga - the Clawdaddy's Boiling Bag!

If you want something really feisty and really hot, out-of-the-oven kind of dish, this newest addition to Clawdaddy's line of sumptuous dishes is a sure fire-hit to your taste and tummy! With five delectable selections to choose from, the Seafood Boil in a Bag, the All Shrimp Boiling Bag, the Shellfish Boiling Bag, the Maryland Crab Boiling and the Louisiana Crab and Shrimp Boiling Bag, I'm sure these Boiling Bags will suffice your seafood cravings just the way you want it.

Seafood Boil in a Bag

On my visit here, before I indulge to these seafood madness, I started my Great American dining with my all-time favorite dishes from them.

All of these dishes are perfect for a group or family of five, so it is pocket-friendly.

Fried Boston Wings - Php325.00

BBQ Nachos - Php265.00

Even though I've had it before, their chicken wings never fail to hit the right spot of deliciousness in me. It was really good, and I think this is by far the most delicious spicy chicken wings that you can have in this area. :-)

As for the BBQ Nachos, well, I honestly didn't have much of it because I'm really reserving a space in my stomach for the Boiling Bags. But if you'd ask me if it is delicious, well, yeah, it was too, though nothing really spectacular about it.

For salad, we had this regular chicken salad. Since, we really don't want overpowering flavors for our appetizers, this one is the safest we could have for some veggie love.

Chicken Salad - Php338.00

Ordering a Boiling Bag would take some time, so I were you, the moment I sit, I'll already have in mind what flavor I'm gonna have and which one of the bags I'll have. I know that it's gonna be hard to decide since most of us really love seafood, so I were you again, I'll order two or three bags with different ingredients and flavors.

The flavors to choose from are Seafood Boil Spice, Garlic Butter, Creole Cajun and Clawdaddy Spice. We had two bags that night, both are Seafood Boil in Bag but with different flavors. The first one that we had was the Clawdaddy Spice.

Seafood Boil in a Bag (Clawdaddy Spice Flavor) - Php1495.00

And since we wanna know the difference, and since some of my food buddies are really not fans of spicy dishes, we had the Garlic Butter too.

Seafood Boil in a Bag (Garlic Buter) - Php1495.00

The Clawdaddy Spice Flavor is the bomb for me! It's explosive aroma and flavor are the things that I'm looking for in a seafood dish and I'm glad that Clawdaddy's made it really nicely. Though, I must say that the look doesn't really appealing, once the bag is opened in front of you, the undeniable captivating aroma will definitely pull you in to try it. SUPER LOVE IT!

As for the Garlic Butter flavor, well, as expected, the taste was very normal. It is good too, yeah, but since I get to taste the Clawdaddy Spice Flavor first, the taste of this next one doesn't give an impact to me anymore, that's why I went back to having Clawdaddy Spice Flavor. Hehe.

These dishes could be a good pair to a hot, steamy white rice, but if you'll ask me, since the bag has already corn in it, I find it already complete. The corn inside are good substitute for rice, so yeah, no rice for me that night.

Oh, it was a great dive here in Clawdaddy's. I never expected that a Great American diner could be this fun and so Pinoy. How I wish I could do this every night, but unfortunately, I have to watch for my skin allergy. But I'll definitely go back here to dive into those Boiling Bags again!

Til next time, Clawdaddy's!
Happy eating, everyone!

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