Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mardi Gras Night at New Orleans!

Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday in English is a season where Western countries such as the Latin America and Europe celebrate to eat and be merry before Ash Wednesday or the beginning of Lenten Season. And though, I've been wanting to experience the real deal in Brazil, where the streets are filled with colorful floats and dancers, I was delighted to receive an invitation from New Orleans in Bonifacio High Street to celebrate this world-renowned carnival affair.

Filled with mostly foreigners from the Western countries, New Orleans an Clawdaddy's restaurants, which is  under The Red Crab Group of Restaurants hosted this world-class affair that made the night of every guests full of food, sexy dancers and samba music!

I was actually surprised that it turned out so well. And despite of the whole place being so crowded, I had a great time partying and drinking because I really felt the awesome Mardi Gras feel that I've been wanting to experience.

From the food and drinks that were served to us, every thing was perfect, delicious and festively colorful! It was that night that I got a hold of this Spy Wine Cooler. It is a wine in beer bottle. It comes in red and sparkling white wine and they are currently available here in New Orleans and Clawdaddy's. It was really good, promise!

Wine Cooler

Every guest also received a compliment drink, and the one that I got were these jelly-vodka in shot glasses. I must say that the vodka flavor was very strong, so I take cautious on having it since that night was still long when I arrived.

Jelly-Vodka Shots

As for the Mardi Gras food treats, here are the dishes that I enjoyed while enjoying the amazing samba music and dance that they performed to us.

BBQ Nachos - Php265.00

Creole Crispy Shrimps - Php338.00

Garlic and Cheese Oysters - Php295.00

Shrimp Popcorn - Php299.00

Clawdaddy's Bread Basket - Php145.00
Pete's Famous Buffalo Wings - Php335.00

Those are just our appetizers-slash-"pulutan." With these, I'm already happy, but of course, since this is a feast, we also dig in to those yummy main entrees that completed our Mardi Gras night.

BBQ Baby Back Ribs - Php698.00

Butter Ginger Crab - Php105.00 - Php135.00/100 grams

I really wanted to stay longer, but then again, it's Tuesday and Mardi Gras is not really celebrated here in our country. But I enjoyed the night. I do wish thought that time will come that we will have our own version of Fat Tuesday since we are mostly Catholics here. Hehe.

I had a great time filling my stomach just before the fasting season of Lent started, and though it was kinda "bitin", I hope to experience it again next time. But I wish that it'll be grander and more colorful! And, oh, more drinks too! Heheh! Cheers!

Happy eating!

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