Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oh-Em-Gee at Baguio City!

OMG as in Oh My Gulay! If it's your first time here in the City of Pines, well, here's a nice artistic establishment ready to fill you up to world-class healthy food that I'm sure they'll make you say OMG! As in Oh, my God! Tempting? Visit Oh, My Gulay now!

One of the fondest moments that we got to enjoy while staying in Baguio City for the Eurotel's Baguio Bliss 2012 was to dine in this kinda weird looking place called Oh My Gulay. Located at the La Azotea Building at Session Road, Oh My Gulay is an artistic cafe that gives your the best of both worlds about the people of Baguio and the food that they love to eat, vegetables!

With this very unique artistic flare that will turn your heads every now and then, Oh, My Gulay also brings their artistic craft into their food. For example, the food that I ordered, which is their Oh My Gulay Rice is just actually a rice-in-a-box kind of meal. But when they served it to me, I was amazed by how Greek it looked like. It actually reminded of me an episode of America's Next Top Model where the models posed on a life-size Greek Salad.

Oh My Gulay Rice - Php135.00

Native brown rice with ten vegetables in season mixed with Mongolian sauce, topped with steamed tofu and omelet, it was surprisingly very delicious, taste really healthy and kinds heavy on the stomach. So for me, it was really perfect.

For my drink, I ordered their Raspberry and Blueberry Juice, which sounded really redundant to me, by the way.

Raspberry and Blueberry Juice - Php65.00

Other cools stuff that you can see inside this cafe with a touch of art gallery are a lot of national heroes inspired art pieces that fascinated me lot. There were actually a lot of Rizal-related art pieces here, so if you are a Rizalista, this is really a must-visit.


As the I discovered more unique stuff in here, more unique but very appetizing food come to our table. Starting with the OMG Sliders which is ordered by my other friend.

OMG Sliders - Php135.00

OMG Sliders is a combination of two veggie burgers, bulaklak tempura and garlic mayo dip. The bulaklak tempura is actually the squash's flowers. I didn't get a chance to taste it, but base from it looks - the colors, the height and the serving size - it wasn't bad at all. My friend matched it with a Ginger Lemon and Honey, which surprisingly is in a matching color too.

Ginger Lemon and Honey - Php65.00

Other dishes that my other friends got to try were the Anak ng Putanesca, Chow-Chow Noodles,  Talong Parmigiana, Mushroom Onion Crepe and Sibuyas Kabute Omelet.

Anak ng Putanesca - Php125.00

This is their version of the Italian putanesca. They enriched it with cayenne pepper to add a little kick to it.

Chow-Chow Noodles - Php125.00

An egg noodles with fresh vegetables sauteed in garlic and flavored with soy hoisin, or the Chinese's sweet and sour sauce.

Talong Parmigiana - Php130.00

Though, this may look like some kind of a rice meal, this is actually a breaded eggplant over whole wheat bread topped with their special red sauce, pesto and cheese.

Mushroom Onion Crepe - Php120.00

This one has three kinds of mushroom, caramelized onions and cheddar cheese topped with garlic sour cream and yogurt sauce.

We also order a salad, which is for everybody.

Lumpiang Salad - Php120.00

The dressing they used here is Asian dressing with honey mustard, so I really love this one. Those lumpia that you see there are actually crisp tofu spring rolls. This salad is perfect for you feel the Baguio taste taht you are looking for.

And finally, for our dessert, we ordered the mind-tingling Saging at Mani Love Affair.

Saging at Mani Love Affair - Php75.00

It is a crepe stuffed with banana and peanut butter. A comfy dessert idea for me, so I guess you'll also love this too.

For my verdict, this place is very cool. Other that its amazingly delicious food and astonishing ambiance, you'll also get a glimpse of the Session Road when you step up to the mezzanine floor. Well, that it is if you are not yet tired after climbing five floors to reach this place. Hehe.

So, make sure that when you visit the lovely and colorful place of Baguio City, do not forget to eat healthy too! And h My Gulay is ready to give you a distinct Baguio foodgasm that you'll surely enjoy.

Happy eating!


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