Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Find sweetness with Figaro's Cioccolato Morsi

I know, I know, that if you've been following me on Twitter, you'll know how bitter I am this Valentine's Day. You can't blame me, I have to stay in the office whole day today, giving me no time to find my one true love. Hahaha! But kidding aside, I just found a way to somehow cleanse the bitterness away in me, and that'll be by eating chocolates! LOTS OF THEM! I'm glad there's the Figaro who gives out free of these today!

Since yesterday and up until tomorrow, February 15, Figaro Coffee Company is giving out free Cioccolato Morsi Heart Sprinkles for every Php500.00 single receipt purchase in any of their branches.

You'll get to enjoy a box of 4 Cioccolato Morsi this Valentine's Week at no expense, a perfect to celebrate this lovely season, right?

I actually just had some of it, so my nerves are calm now, tweeting nothing but lovely message to my followers, friends and strangers. Hihi! I just hope that my posts won't bring me to any danger. Hehe.

I believe these chocolate bites cost around Php100.00, so you somehow get to save some penny if you are dining at Figaro with your special someone this Valentine's Day. 

You can also avail this if you really want it and give them away as a Valentine's gift to your love ones. Ain't Valentine's Day is a day of loving and sharing? So sprinkle some love and check them out at all Figaro branches in the country.

I guarantee that you'll enjoy it as much as your love one will enjoy them!
Happy Valentine's Day!

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