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A Friday Night-out at Krave - Makati

A few days ago, I was invited by a friend to dine with them and somehow do a little review about this resto here in Legaspi Village, Makati. Little do I know about the resto and the chef behind it, I still said yes, because she said that this place named KRAVE offers a cozy atmosphere and mouthwatering steak that I will surely love.

KRAVE is located at the ground floor of F & M Lopez Building in C. Palanca St., Legaspi Village, Makati City. A stone-throw away from the very busy Ayala Avenue, one can get easily at ease with its classy and really cozy atmosphere.

At day time, I'd say that this place is a good spot to do some business over lunch meetings, while at night, and especially during weekends, this is a great place to hangout with, may you'll be with your colleagues or your friends.

Though this place can only sit 30 to 40 persons, the interior is just perfect to give everyone a classy touch of restaurant, bar and lounge in one. I haven't been to this kind of place for a long time, so it as kind of a treat to me too.

Since, this is an invitational dinner, I do not have any control on the dishes, but we were given a list of the dishes that we'll be having, so that still kinda excites me.

And so, while waiting for everything to be prepared, the hosts gave this goblet of really good garlic sticks that I loved so much!

Garlic Sticks

After some minutes, a train of appetizers filled our table. These Japanese-cuisine inspired dishes quickly grabbed our attention because of its striking and really appetizing colors that we enjoyed photographing. Most of them have a sting of wasabi, a popular Japanese condiment that adds spice, so just be watchful. As for me, since I'm not that sensitive to spicy food, I find each of every dish very appealing.

Rock Shrimp Popcorn - Php325.00

This Rock Shrimp Popcorn is my most favorite among the appetizers that we had. The combination of Japanese mayo and chili sauce made the crunchy outer layer and soft shrimp filling of this dish a heavenly one. It was a like an explosion in the mouth at first and the thing that calmed the explosion down was the smooth impact of the shrimp. I really like it.

Foie Gras Nigiri

As for this Foie Gras Nigiri, I'd say that it was good too, but wasn't that too appealing as compared to the first dish offered to us. The thin slice of brownish meat-like that you see on that picture is a slice of salmon. Drizzled with what I thought as teriyaki sauce, so this one is a little sweet.

Lava Roll

Lava Roll, on the other hand, is the one that really wowed me. It's so hot in the mouth due to maybe a large amount of wasabi inside. No wonder it is called Lava Roll. Hehe. This one is like a California Maki toppled with melted, fiery cheese. It was serve actually with fire, so if you'll notice the burnt there, it gave a captivating aroma that drove us crazy.

Krave Texas Steak Roll

Other option from that fiery Lava Roll would be this Krave's version of Texas Steak Roll. Being popular for their steaks, I'm sure you'll enjoy this one as much as we enjoyed it. Though, there's not much of a challenge eating this one, its crunch and nice steak taste would somehow give you satisfaction.

Tuna Tower

The last appetizer that was served to us that night was the one that really turned our heads. With this dish's loud colors, who wouldn't, right? The taste was remarkably stunning too. The tuna on top has this sweet sauce sharing a smooth combination of taste to the mango, wasabi and other veggies under. This one has some Japanese rice as its base, so it's kinda heavy on the stomach too. I personally think that this is a must-have here, not only of its presentation but also of its taste.

Since we visited the place on a Friday night, our hosts made sure that we'll have a weekend-related dish, and of course, there's nothing that can beat a wonderful pizza for that idea.

Beef Carpaccio - Php395.00

So, if you think that Krave is too classy for you, think again. This Beef Carpaccio pizza that we had that night, served as the balancer - the bridge to the ultimate dining experience that we had - that you can have in here.

Before we start sinking our fangs to the most awaited main course, we were served with this Manny O Rose Wine to make sure that we'll have the real flavor that Chef Vince wanna share to us..

And without further ado, the main course!

Dinosaur BBQ Beef Ribs - Php595.00

We didn't spent much time looking and taking pictures of it, because of its sooo inviting aroma, which I believed comes from the apricot-cranberry barbecue sauce. This one comes with mashed potato and side salad that made this one a complete meal already. The nice blend of the sauce is the one that you'll really enjoy from this meal aside from its nicely done ribs.

I actually like this one, only I think I had something like this back in Aklan, and that one cost me Php110.00 only. ^_^

Angus Pinwheel Steak - Php3,495.00

Another main course dish that was shared to us, and this one, as you can see, is flamingly stunning, is the Angus Pinwheel Steak. Some may say that the reason why I found this dish really nice is because of its presentation, well, maybe yeah. But this one is not just some sizzling dish, its one red, hot, flaming dish. So the flavor, the aroma, the appeal is really and literally H-O-T!

And since we knew that we can't have it hanging like that, after its fiery entrance, we asked the servers to chop it and served us the sauces that will boost its flavor more.

Steak Sauces includes a cream-based one,
an olive-oil-based one and a tomato-based one 
(you may also think that its gravy but it tasted more complementing.)

I had the pleasure and fun trying all these sauces, and I'd say that even though all of them gave a different, tasty impact on me, my most favorite among the three of them was the one with cream. Its soury appeal  probably set my mind about its delicious taste.

Caviar and Fresh Fruit Pancotta - Php195.00

Lastly, our hosts didn't let our sweet tooth go home crying for they also shared two simple but classy desserts that capped out Krave experience. I'm a dessert person, so this really brought more smile to my face and to my tummy. 

So, if you are looking for a nice place this coming Valentine's Day, where you wanna spend a special night with your special someone, and you wanna be out off the Valentine's Day crowd-radar, this is a perfect for you and your love one! And I'm sure that you'll cherish your experience here as much as you cherish each other.

Thank you, Krave and Chef Vincent Rodriguez, for this filling and truly wonderful experience!

And, oh, did you know that Dingdong Dantes is a part owner of Krave? well, now you know! :-)

Happy eating, everyone!

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