Friday, February 10, 2012

CBD at the Central Business District

If you've been to the Meat Plus and loved it, and also to Tender Bob's and loved it too, then I'm sure that you'll love the food that this new place in CBD has to offer. But don't be confuse, because if you think that we're talking still talking about business here, you are very wrong. It's leisure time! And there's no better way to celebrate it but with Cheesesteaks, Burgers and Drinks! And that's what this CBD in CBD stands for!

Last week, I was invited to dine with a chef whom I've met before at Tender Bob's in Greenbelt Two, Chef Chiloy Santos, together with some others food bloggers whom I've met before too. I came a little late but still welcomed with a smile by my fellow food bloggers and Chef Chiloy.

Upon my arrival, I was immediately assisted to the counter where their menu was posted. That time, I just had a quick glance of the whole place, and I must say that it was larger inside that what I thought of it outside.

They have a very simple and direct menu. Nothing too fancy really, something that I really like about burger joints. Chef Chiloy, since it my second time to dine with him, he shared to me that CBD is somehow different from the Tender Bob's setup that we had before.

According to him, the famous one here is their cheesesteaks, which he really takes pride of. But he said that during the first few months, a lot of customers thought of the word as "cheese cakes", and people were usually misled looking for the desserts. :-)

We continued our talk, together with the other food bloggers, on our seat after I gave out my orders.

CBD is actually a great place for some quick heavy lunch or some weekend chillaxing. With its refreshing white and green colors, which is also the colors of Ayala Triangle Garden, where it is situated, nearby employees will definitely get a great meals here.

From cheesesteaks, burgers and drinks to sidings, pasta, chicken and salads, anyone, young and adult will get the hang of their delicious offerings. And for starters, a train of sidings arrived on our table as this New Yorker-ish dining experience took place.

WARNING: You eyes may pop out and your saliva might drool over. *wink*

Onion rings - Php80.00

French Fries Php45.00

Curly Fries - Php60.00

These may looks so common, but wait til you get a taste of them. Chef Chiloy told us that he was the one who created the batter for the Onion Rings. The fries and curly fries, though imported, were also made sure that they are of equal standards as of the other potato offerings, like the potato chips, which are homemade.

Cheesesteaks and Potato Chips

On this plate, you'll see half of their version of cheesesteaks and a serving of their homemade potato chips. I must say that those potato chips are to die for. They tasted really nice and crunchy, something that made may 4-hour stay here more entertaining. As for the cheesesteaks, which is composed of layers of bacon, wagyu beef, some veggies and a splash of cheese spread, was very admirable. Even though I just had a half-serving, I enjoyed it so much because of its empowering flavor that succumb my palette.

Naked Chicken Strips - Php150.00 per 6 pcs.

Chef Chiloy also made sure that we get to taste another CBD pride, and that is their Naked Chicken Strips. With its salty flavor and crunch that surprised us, this will be a perfect combination to a bottle of ice-cold beer, which is also available here in CBD. Didn't I tell you that this a a very nice chillaxing place?

So for guys and gals who love to drink on Friday nights and on weekends, you'll fancy their nice selection of beers and crispy naked chicken strips.:-)

For the main bout that I had here in CBD, and since I'm an honest-to-goodness burger lover, this is the one that I had. And I'd say that I wouldn't mind it's little price-yness because the burger's size and pasta's taste were both great.

CBD Cheeseburger - Php160.00
Spaghetti - Php145.00

This is actually a special order. Since I'm dining with Chef Chiloy, I'm honestly saying that I took advantage to have what I want, and I honestly don't regret it because I really enjoyed everything! Hahaha!

When my meal arrived and faced me, it was like calling me - enchanting me to eat him/her quick. AND I DID! I ate it quickly like there's no tomorrow! Haha! And I would love to do it again soon.

The cheeseburger, which is about 3 to 4 inches high was very satisfying. The wagyu patty was grilled perfectly making the cheese on top of it melted so beautifully. As for the spaghetti, it has this Pinoy style that I'm sure kids and adults will also enjoy. The serving was a little small, though, which will make you order for more. But I guarantee that it's delicious, something that you'll also love to have from this place.

But did you know what completed my meal here? And I believe that they wouldn't add it up on their banner if it wouldn't give its best. DRINKS!

Vanilla Peanut Butter Toffee - Php140.00

Our favorite milkshake blended together with our favorite cake and they call it Shake and Bake. I had this Vanilla Peanut Butter Toffee and it was heavenly addicting! I swear! One sip and I almost forgot about my other meals. S I'm suggesting that you ordered it last because this can be a good substitute to the classic dessert that we always have. With its overpowering taste that will leave a smile on your face, oh, this is a MUST-HAVE!

I actually cannott wait to have a taste of the other flavors! This will be my newest addiction, seriously!

Our dinner here ended with a cup of freshly brewed coffee with a dash of milk called cappuccino! Simply perfect!

Cappuccino - Php70.00

Chef Chiloy offered us to try their "real" desserts, but since we were all so full, we just said thanks, and emptied our remaining Bake and Shake drinks.

Valentine's Day is coming, and if you have a date who is in for some comfy food, why not try CBD? With its simple interior, straight to the point menu and truly filling meals and drinks, you'll enjoy every minute and every bite that you'll have in here. And for sure, your love to one another will blossom more because it doesn't need to compete with the venue or anything else. Hehe. Just saying! :-)

Thank you Chef Chiloy and CBD!
Happy Valentin'es everyone! Happy eating!

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