Thursday, January 26, 2012

Foodie Bloggers Night with Johnny Rockets!

Checkered  flooring, leather seats, jukebox, dancing waitresses and '60s music - that's what filled our night during the foodie bloggers night hosted by Johnny Rockets at Eastwood Mall, Libis Quezon City.

Attended by almost 20 bloggers who spent a night of dancing and eating and playing and eating, our night was also filled with surprises, games and freebies that we all enjoyed!

To be honest, I've been dying to try Johnny Rockets but since I've heard that the burgers here are a little pricey, I just let my palette wait til I get the right budget for it. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crustasia Asian Bistro and My Crab-tastic Lunch!

Sorry, Mr. Crabs, but this is something that is so hard to resist. Especially with your kinds that were served in this very appealing and really delicious way! Hahaha! Guys, let me share to you the crab-tastic lunch I'eve ever had in my life at Crustasia Asian Bistro, Rocwell.

Not so long ago, I had an amazing yet spicy dinner at this joint. And though, most of the dishes that I've got to try that night were really fiery in the mouth, I enjoyed how each dish shared an astonishing mix of flavors that challenged my appetite and my taste buds.

And today that I'm back for this "under the sea" luncheon, my palette, which is now prepared for some hot and spicy dish, is very excited to indulge to this crustacean treat will change the image of this place to my mind.

Dining with known personalities and celebrities was already a treat to me that day, especially with Miss Janice de Belen, one of the few actress that I really adore. But when they started filling our tables with the eye-catching dishes that they prepared for us, the day just become happier.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Boracay: Smoke

I know that a lot of you who have never been to the adventure-filled island of Boracay would think that everything is expensive here. I’m telling you, YOU ARE WRONG. Because during my last night on the island, in my quest to find a more affordable dining place, I found Smoke!

Smoke is a local restaurant which you can find at the far corner of D Mall, Station 2, Boracay. With is bloody red color, this place is popular for its affordable, home-styled meals too.

From itlog na pula, tuyo, to sinigang, down to grilled seafood, you can find it here and readily available upon ordering.

Open til late night, Smoke was the answer to my hungry tummy during my last night here in Boracay. And though the place is packed during lunch and dinner time, probably because of its affordability, that night Smoke was all mine and some few other customers. Hehe.

The place is really small, if you’d asked me, only about 30 to 40 people can seat in here. The acoustic was pretty bad during lunch and dinner. With every guest almost shoulder to shoulder when dining in, talking to one another would be a problem. But that night, when I visited the place, again, it was almost all mine, so I really had a great time dining there.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Boracay: I ♥ Backyard BBQ

For me, the best and most memorable beach experience are those of when I am with my family and friends enjoying the sun, sand and water. But of course, those adventures wouldn't be complete without food, and one dish that I really love having at the beach are the ones which are cooked on the grille. And there’s nothing easier to prepare than the char-burnt, delectable barbecues!

Thank goodness, when I visited the very beautiful island of Boracay, there’s this one place that offers not only delicious barbeques but also come at a very affordable, I ♥ Backyard BBQ!

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