Thursday, January 5, 2012

Boracay: Smoke

I know that a lot of you who have never been to the adventure-filled island of Boracay would think that everything is expensive here. I’m telling you, YOU ARE WRONG. Because during my last night on the island, in my quest to find a more affordable dining place, I found Smoke!

Smoke is a local restaurant which you can find at the far corner of D Mall, Station 2, Boracay. With is bloody red color, this place is popular for its affordable, home-styled meals too.

From itlog na pula, tuyo, to sinigang, down to grilled seafood, you can find it here and readily available upon ordering.

Open til late night, Smoke was the answer to my hungry tummy during my last night here in Boracay. And though the place is packed during lunch and dinner time, probably because of its affordability, that night Smoke was all mine and some few other customers. Hehe.

The place is really small, if you’d asked me, only about 30 to 40 people can seat in here. The acoustic was pretty bad during lunch and dinner. With every guest almost shoulder to shoulder when dining in, talking to one another would be a problem. But that night, when I visited the place, again, it was almost all mine, so I really had a great time dining there.

Their menu list was very simple and straight to the point, and with loads of delectable homey dishes ready for me, I ordered their Grilled Squid that comes with rice and side veggies, something to match the nice atmosphere of Boracay at night.

Grilled Stuffed Squid Meal – Php100.00

For my drink, I ordered a tall glass of their Ripe Mango Shake, just to make sure that if in case I didn’t like their dish, I wouldn’t be that devastated.

Ripe Mango Shake – Php40.00

After some few minutes of waiting, my orders arrived. The tall glass of Ripe Mango Shake was promising. They used fresh mango, so it was really good. As for my meal, I was delighted to see two pieces good looking stuffed grilled squid.

I didn’t like the rice that they served to me, but the side veggies was nicely done and the two squids were just wonderful! I didn’t know that my Php100.00 can get something like that here in Smoke. No wonder a lot of people really prepared eating here and fitting their selves in during lunch and dinner time. The prices are very reasonable and the tastes were manageable! ?

I would ask for another cup of rice if only I wasn’t disappointed with the first cup of rice that they served. 

All in all, I had a great time here. If you are on budget like me, but still wanna enjoy Boracay, have your meals here in Smoke, and I guarantee that you’ll have spare money to buy some “pasalubong” to your love ones!

Happy eating!

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