Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crustasia Asian Bistro and My Crab-tastic Lunch!

Sorry, Mr. Crabs, but this is something that is so hard to resist. Especially with your kinds that were served in this very appealing and really delicious way! Hahaha! Guys, let me share to you the crab-tastic lunch I'eve ever had in my life at Crustasia Asian Bistro, Rocwell.

Not so long ago, I had an amazing yet spicy dinner at this joint. And though, most of the dishes that I've got to try that night were really fiery in the mouth, I enjoyed how each dish shared an astonishing mix of flavors that challenged my appetite and my taste buds.

And today that I'm back for this "under the sea" luncheon, my palette, which is now prepared for some hot and spicy dish, is very excited to indulge to this crustacean treat will change the image of this place to my mind.

Dining with known personalities and celebrities was already a treat to me that day, especially with Miss Janice de Belen, one of the few actress that I really adore. But when they started filling our tables with the eye-catching dishes that they prepared for us, the day just become happier.

Without further ado, dig in as I shared to you these most amazing and really drool-y crab dishes that Crustasia has prepared  to us headed by their executive chef Peter Ayson.

Chang Boun Thai Curry Crab

Typhoon Shelter Crab

Sriracha Crab

Black Peppered Crab

Singaporean Chili Crab

Salted Duck Crab

According to Chef Peter, these crab dishes were all Asian-inspired, a fusion of every region of Asia that will hit the right spot of your liking, your cravings. And I must that they sure did hit the right spot of my hunger. Hehe.

All of them looks delish, right? Well, their tastes justify their appetizing looks - tastes that will make you eat with your hand and lick you fingers after every dish. 

And out of all these crabs that I feasted on that lunch time, two of them made my day so great, the Singaporean Chili Crab and the Typhoon Shelter Crab. Super super over mega crab-tastic!

Chef Peter and the team also let us taste their version of Shrimp Pancake that I also loved!

Shrimp Pancake

For pricing, I believe Crustasia sells the gigantic crabs by Php145.00 per 100 grams, and these crabs that we had weighed around 800 grams to 1 kilogram according to Chef Peter.

Chef Peter wtih Radio DJ Janeena Chan

To satisfy your cravings, because I know that those photo just gave you foodgasm, you may call Crustasia Asian Bistro Rockwell at (02) 728-5463 or you can just visit them the ground floor of Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Drive, Makati City.

Happy eating!


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