Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Me likey Picolé!

I got  a chance to visit the Salcedo Saturday Market a week before the Holy Week. It wasn't my first time to visit this place, so I'm kinda familiar with what's in store for me here. For me, Salcedo Saturday Market is like a Rustan's Supermarket in the garden. Hehe. They have a wide selection of fruits and veggies that you can buy here.

But since, I'm actually not into buying fresh stuff here, just merely taking a walk and just look at the stuff that are on sale, I stumble upon this summer heat beater that I'm craving now - Picolé!

They call Picolé healthy ice pops because each refreshing ice pop is made real fruit and juices. And when I tried one flavor last weekend, oh, boy! It was really good!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kitch Cafe's Pizza-Pandesal!

Just opened a few months ago, Kitch Cafe is considered the baby of well-known advertisers food stylists, and chefs who bravely ventured into food business. And last week, I was invited to taste their one-of-a-kind pizza-pandesal that will soon be available in their store.

The place resembles to a French cafe. Filled with white color, the place was decorated with one of the owners collections - PLATES. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Figaro's Lenten Treats

Lent is here and as a Catholic, one of our traditions is to fast or at least avoid eating meat during this time of the year. And with this, let me share to you my Lent Food finds starting with Figaro's Light for Life dishes!

From their wide array of deletable breakfast dishes, coffees and pastries, Figaro offers something light and perfect for the Lent that can fill our tummies and can give some guiltless pleasure. Yumm!

Starting off with their Kani Sandwich and Chili Sardine Angel Hair Pasta.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Red Crab Series: The Flying Pig - Eastwood

With my very hungry stomach and salivating fangs, I was led to one of the best themed restaurants that I've been to - The Flying Pig in Eastwood, Libis. So let's fly with these pigs and let me share to you my second The Red Crab Restaurants series.

Designed the pop-culture way,  who wouldn't be intrigued with what this very inviting and very young restaurant in Eastwood Mall have, right? The furniture, the lighting and the funny pig superheroes, oh, for sure, boys and men would love to sit in here and enjoy the funny and cool caricatures made specially for this restaurant.

According to the manager in charge on the time we visited the place, it evolved from something formal dining place to a haven for comic book lovers and young family who wanna enjoy their dishes the home-style way.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Red Crab Series: John Bamboo - Nuvali

Though, only a few of us have tasted and really know that there’s an Indonesian Cuisine, I’m glad that I’ve got to experience my first try of their cuisine through the amazing creations and preparations of Chef Peter and Chef Nur of John Bamboo at Nuvali, Laguna.

Nuvali being now known as a place where people and nature thrive, it now offers the most delectable and satisfying yet affordable restaurants in the south  that you can really enjoy. With its breath-taking scenery and very relaxing atmosphere, Nuvali is a perfect choice to spend a weekend’s lunch or dinner with you family or friends.

And last week, as I was invited to have a taste of Indonesian dishes, I can truly say that John Bamboo and Nuvali is one of the dining experiences that I would love to do every weekend.

And to start off this dose of Indonesian dishes, let me share to you a little story on how did they came up with such an idea.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

2011 Summer Treats from Californiaberry!

My first love frozen yogurt is back in vengeance as they present awesome cool treats that you, your friend and your family will surely enjoy! 

I got to try these wonderful treats during their 1st Bloggers Party, and of course, nothing tasted better than free treats, right? Hehe. Just kidding!

Here's my honest to goodness say about this tummy-filling and body-chilling treats! Californiaberry time!

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Hearty Dinner at O'sonho Jupiter

Pronounced as o-sonyo, this Portuguese restaurant located at Jupiter Street in Makati City will not just give you an astonishing gastronomic Portuguese adventure but also a hearty, Filipino-style warmth of welcoming that you and your busy buddies can enjoy after a day of hard work.

This is my second time to dine at O'sonho, but my first time to try it here in Jupiter Street, Makati.

I had a chance to try their dishes first in their Eastwood Mall branch, and I'd say that even though the place was kinda a little off for me because it is facing the other way around, I got to enjoy their food so much that made me appreciate Portuguese cuisine.

On this hearty dinner that I had in their first branch, I was welcomed by one of the owners, Cris Barancik, who made my Portuguese gastronomic adventure comeback more heart-warming and fun.
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