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Kitch Cafe's Pizza-Pandesal!

Just opened a few months ago, Kitch Cafe is considered the baby of well-known advertisers food stylists, and chefs who bravely ventured into food business. And last week, I was invited to taste their one-of-a-kind pizza-pandesal that will soon be available in their store.

The place resembles to a French cafe. Filled with white color, the place was decorated with one of the owners collections - PLATES. 

These colorful plates that came from different countries share a homey feel that I really enjoyed. The whole cafe has two floors, the upper floor is available for some private functions where groups can enjoy a good DVD or just some coffee break.

As I took my seat, I was served with the best Lemon Grass Iced Tea I've ever had. The aroma of this drink was really calming and the taste was so refreshing. Actually, if there's one great reason why I will keep going back to this place, it will because of this drink.

Lemon Grass Iced Tea - Php90.00

Next, as Chef Mildred shares to us the story of Kitch Cafe, the aroma of freshly baked bread filled the air as these buns and loaf approach our tables.

Oh, the coffee bread was so delicious! A must-try when you visit this place.

Pizza-pandesal, for those who are curious, is a pizza-looking and pizza-tasting pandesal. The crust is made of pandesal ingredients, then topped with our favourite pizza toppings and sauces. The crust was actually lighter in the tummy compared to the original dough crust. It has also this Pinoy appeal that I'm sure young and old can appreciate.

After some bread talk, the most awaited part came in next - Pizza-Pandesal Time!

For our first pizza-pandesal, we had Tinapang Bangus & Cheese Pizza-Pandesal.

Tinapang Bangus & Cheese Pizza-Pandesal

A flat pandesal crust topped with pizza sauce, tinapang bangus, cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, capers, olives, sour cream, cream and parmesan cheese.

If you know me like my Ermats does, you'd know that I don't eat tinapa - any kind of tinapa. So, when we were served with this one, make it the first pizza-pandesal flavor, it was quite a challenge to me. I dunno if I'll have one bite or just say pass because I'm no fan of tinapa, really. But, since my fellow food tasters told me that it was delicious, I courageously pick one slice and bit a part of it. To my surprise, I liked it. Actually, this was my favourite pizza-pandesal that night, so I guess, it is just righteous to say to you and to all tinapa-haters to try this dish, and your perception towards tinapa will change. ^_^

Next on our table, Pizza Verde.

Pizza Verde

This fields of green pizza is topped with pesto, smoked chicken and asaparagus. This is my second favourite pizza. Perfect for vegetarian, this is really a tasteful dish, which will leave you with pesto breath!

This third pizza-pandesal that was served to us is Kesong Puti & Sun-dried Tomatoes.

Kesong Puti & Sun-dried Tomatoes

Topped with pizza sauce, mozzarella, white cheese, garlic onions, sun-dried tomatoes, basil and parmesan cheese.

If you want something sweet, and something that will balance the saltiness of your pizza-pandesal crust and kesong puti, this one is the perfect pizza-pandesal for you. I never thought that kesong puti will taste differently and deliciously when combined to sun-dried tomatoes. The taste of this one is lighter compared to the first two pizza-pandesals that I had that night.

For the fourth offering, we had the Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza.

Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza

If you think that this pepperoni pizza is just like the one that you usually have from your favourite pizza parlor, well, it's not. Topped with sausage, pepperoni, capers, basil, red and green bell peppers, sesame seed and garlic bits, this pizza-pandesal gives an explosion of flavors in your mouth that you'll enjoy.

Though, it will bite you tongue a little, I'm sure that this one will hit that spot in your tummy that craves for some meat toppings. Perfect for all meat-lovers, this was my third favourite pizza-pandesal that night.

Fifth pizza-pandesal we had is the Chinese-style Peking Chicken Pizza.

Peking Chicken Pizza

Topped with oyster sauce, mozzarella cheese, garlic chips, peking style breast chicken hoisin, then drizzled with mayonnaise and spring onions.

This was one of the uniquely flavoured pizzas we had that night. Having this pizza-pandesal the Chinese way gives me the impression that Kitch offers something really global and satisfyingly delicious.

They amazed me more when they took out the next pizza-pandesal that we had that night, the Chicken Curry Pizza.

Chicken Curry Pizza

Inspired by the Chicken Curry dish of Indians and Pakistanis, this dish will give you a great Pinoy-style pizza that will take your breath away - that is if you are up for some spicy dish. Topped with chicken, curry sauce, cream and basil, this one will surely fill the air with that strong aroma that most of us loved about the South Asian cuisines.

I'm not a big spicy food fan, so when I had this, I have the lemon grass iced tea with me. The taste was all-blown curry as well as the look and aroma. At first, I felt awkward having curry with bread, but I kinda used too it since the taste was really sumptuous.

The last but not the least, the sweetest  of them all, we had their Fig & Bleu Cheese.

Fig & Bleu Cheese

Topped with mozzarella cheese, caramelized onions, figs, bleu cheese and extra-virgin olive oil, I'm sure that kids will love this one - just don't tell them that there are vegetables. Hehehe. This one is perfect to eat at night because of its sweet flavor that you'll enjoy in every bite.

It was one tummy-filling night, and for a pizza-lover like me, this is one pizza feast that I'll never forget. Two thumbs up for all the amazing flavors that took us around the world. 

I believe the prices of these pizza-pandesal are ranging from Php90.00 to Php130.00, but just to make sure, feel free to contact Kitch Cafe and they'll be delighted to assist you.They also offer sumptuous and budget-friendly pastas, rice dishes and pastries that are perfect to start a great day.

See you at Kitch Cafe, all right! Happy Eating!

Kitch Cafe
Unit G-14 Sunvar Plaza
Pasay Road corner Amorsolo , Makati City
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