Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Me likey Picolé!

I got  a chance to visit the Salcedo Saturday Market a week before the Holy Week. It wasn't my first time to visit this place, so I'm kinda familiar with what's in store for me here. For me, Salcedo Saturday Market is like a Rustan's Supermarket in the garden. Hehe. They have a wide selection of fruits and veggies that you can buy here.

But since, I'm actually not into buying fresh stuff here, just merely taking a walk and just look at the stuff that are on sale, I stumble upon this summer heat beater that I'm craving now - Picolé!

They call Picolé healthy ice pops because each refreshing ice pop is made real fruit and juices. And when I tried one flavor last weekend, oh, boy! It was really good!

According to their website, their ice pops are even better than the real fruit because they added prebiotic ingredients that came from natural sources. 

Haha! It was like eating a fresh fruit with Yakult! Yummy!

Strawberry Juicy Pop - Php35.00

Though the price is a little higher that what we usually expect for an ice pop, I'd day that with its serving size and really addicting taste, it not bad at all.

Picolé ice pops come in different variants, there's Juicy Pops, Milky Pops, Yogu Pops, Dip Pops and Lite Pops. These variants also comes in different tropical flavors that intrigued me.

For Juicy Pops, they have the Strawberry, Lemon, Chili Tamarind, Mango, Watermelon, Coconut and Green Mango. 

For Milky Pops, they have Strawberry, Green Tea, Ube, Melon, Cappuccino, Choco hazelnut, Cookies and Cream and Avocado.

For Yogu Pops, they have Natural Vanilla, Strawberry, mango, Blueberry Cheesecake and Banana.

For Dip Pops, they have Cookie Overload, Nutty Blast, Choco Banana, Banana Split, Luscious Strawberry and Corn Supreme.

And for their Lite Pops, they have Strawberry (no milk), Orange (no milk), Almond and Hazelnut (with milk), Soy Mocha (soymilk), and Double Choco (with milk).

Check out their site to know more about Picolé and get addicted to these healthy and refreshing ice pops like me!

Happy eating!


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