Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Healthy Black

The misconception about black is slowly fading as fashion, tech and even start embracing the goodness about this color. And recently, at the newly opened S Maison Mall at Conrad Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City, BLK 513 opens its newest branch offering the undeniably healthy and delicious signature black frozen yogurt.

A massing a cult-like following, BLK 513 is the newest dessert station available in the Mall of Asia Complex, which offers a unique frozen yogurt that’s enhanced with activated charcoal. Owned by Frost Five, Inc., BLK 513 shares a premium gluten-free yogurt imported from the U.S.

Activated by a special kind of charcoal that's been heated to create millions of nooks and crannies where toxins, my first ever BLK indulgence is a Dark Skim Cup with Strawberries, Kiwi, Ultimate Vegan Brownies drizzled with warm Vahlrona mousse.

Dark Skim Cup

Fruit and chocolate lovers will definitely have a great time choosing their toppings or fillings and drizzle with the wide array available at BLK 513. All are prepared fresh and juicy, these fruits are set to add a unique twist on every order of their frozen yogurt. What I like about their selection is that all of the fruits, crunchies and drizzle could go perfectly well to each other. You can definitely have a thousand and one combinations with all of these available goodness.

Each cup of BLK 513's Dark Skim yogurt contains millions of activated charcoal particles, probiotics and other nutrients that not only rid the body of unwanted toxins, but also help lower bad cholesterol levels, and promote the development of healthier digestive and immune system.

For those who are not yet ready to try the black yogurt, do't worry, because there's the Super Skim Cup that shares an equally satisfying richness in flavor and benefits. And to complete your BLK 513 indulgence, don't forget to grab a bottle of the Matcha Skim and Mocha Skim.

BLK 513 is proud to say share that they are still developing more healthy and new items to make every visit fulfilling. Some of the recent products that they've just launched are Homemade S'mores, Rainforest Crunch, Valhrona Vegan Granola, Soft-Baked Valhorana Vegan Cookie and Super Skim Cup, which is a vanilla-infused frozen yogurt that taste just like ice cream.

To know more about BLK 513, feel free to visit their latest branch at the 2nd Level of S'Maison, Conrad Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. You can all them at (02) 987-7633 or follow them at @blk513ph on Instagram and Facebook.

Happy eating!

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