Monday, December 2, 2013

The Art of Japanese Cuisine in Wafu's Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet

Situated at the very heart of Greenhills, San Juan, opened almost a  year now, Wafu is a modern-style Japanese restaurant giving twist and modern approach to Japanese dishes that swept many Filipinos feet and palette off. And last week, together with some friends, I was able to try their latest sit-down offering that consist of 12 hot out-of-the-stove dishes collectively known as the Teppanyaki Omakase Buffet.

Yes, you read it right - BUFFET. So, if you think that the small servings of 12 different Japanese dishes won't be enough, you can keep them coming as long as you finish the first set of 12 dishes, according to out serving chef that night, Jonathan.

Anyway, upon getting our spot on the second level of this very exquisite restaurant - the most exquisite Japanese restaurant, I've been to, actually - our group was welcomed by our chef and two more servers who will be guiding us t our Japanese cuisine adventure.
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