Tuesday, November 30, 2010

World’s Largest Bibingcrepe by Half Moon Asian Cafe

A first of its kind, I got to witness the first-ever and largest bibingcrepe I’ve seen in my whole life, and dear Lord, that was one huge piece of bibingcrepe! Hehehe.


Held last November 23 at Halfmoon Asian Cafe at Tomas Morato, Quezon City, I was invited with my fellow blogger to take part on this gigantic and momentous celebration of good friendship and good food.

I first encountered bibingcrepe some few months ago when I and my fellow blogger-friends were invited to visit Mines View Park Hotel at Baguio City. Baguio having its cool weather, bibingcrepe is really a good option to heat up the very cool morning breeze most especially with its delectable flavours that kids and kids at heart can enjoy.

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And that Tuesday night, we were treated to a tooth-aching party where we enjoyed designing our own bibingcrepe and taking home some slices of that huge bibingcrepe. Wee!

Here are some of the photos that I took, enjoy!

And, oh, Kiko of Survivor Philippines 1 was also there to join the fun!

It was one sweet tummy-filling night that we really enjoyed!

Thanks, Halfmoon! I wish that someday Guinness will recognize your effort in bringing and sharing this huge bibingcrepe to the world!

Happy Holidays!

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