Monday, June 22, 2015

Café Sansó: My Latest Discovery in San Juan City

Just when you thought that San Juan City is all about bargain shops and Chinese and Filipino restaurants, here comes a coffee shop that will take your coffee experience a notch higher with its modern take on our favorite breakfast sets through Café Sansó while showcasing the artistic skills of Juvenal Sansó of Sansó Museum.

Located at 32 V. Cruz Street, San Juan City, Café Sansó recently opens its doors at the very quiet district Little Baguio to offer colorful and delectable treats that are very close to Filipino hearts – Spanish Cuisine. In line with the unique appeal of Sansó Museum, Café Sansó offers a satisfying take on renowned Spanish Cuisine by sharing its best of the best from ensaladas, sandwiches, pastas, desserts, cold cuts and beverages.

When I visited Café Sansó a few days ago, I was so lucky that there were only a few couples inside the place, who I assume are also first-timers here. I met the accommodating staff who shared their menu and told me some tidbits about the place.

Café Sansó is actually an idea brought about the owners of Sansó Museum. The main reason behind the café is actually for the museum who usually holds special events, but since San Juan City is a gaining attention to some of the metro’s popular food destination, they decided to hype up the menu a bit more for the general public. This leads to the reason why you’ll find some light and few heavy selection on their menu.

To be honest, I’m not really expecting so much about this place, since it’s still on soft opening when I visited it, and by the looks of it, I may have just an ordinary “Me Time” here. But to my surprise, when they started serving my orders, I was surprised that most of the dishes were actually good for two.

For starter, I was offered with slices of pesto bread with butter-raisin, then quickly followed by Roasted Pumpkin Cappuccino – a creamy roasted pumpkin soup topped with cinnamon froth and comes with Parmesan crouton. This combination is a perfect pick-upper especially when you visit the place on a gloomy weather. I personally love how thick and creamy the soup was as it gives this comforting feel that I’m always looking for a soup.

Roasted Pumpkin Cappuccino Soup - Php130.00

A sure-fire treat that I really enjoyed when I visited Café Sansó is this Francesinha Sandwich. A melted mozzarella and asiago cheese covered sandwich, Francesinha is composed of rye bread, jamon serrano slices, chipolata sausage, sauteed wild mushrooms, and chive cream cheese. In between the two large portions of this sandwich is spiced beer tomato sauce that adds vibrancy to the whole dish, and some potato wedges on the side that made this one truly filling and worth-spending meal.

Francesinha Sandwich - Php350.00

Any Spanish treat wouldn’t be completed without the world famous churros. And here at Café Sansó, their churros are served with equally delectable chocolate dip that made it so eye-catching and mouthwatering. Actually, even without the chocolate dip, you’ll enjoy their churros. It has the sweetness, crunch and chewy inside that speaks nothing but pure delight. I just hope that they also offer other dip option for this one since some of us may find chocolate overrated for churros.

Churros - Php165.00 (5 pieces)

Lastly, completing my colorful and enjoyable “Me Time” here at Café Sansó is this refreshing and relaxing drink, which they call Agua Fresca – a combination of melon, honey and mint. A MUST TRY here at Café Sansó.

Agua Fresca - Php130.00

What's good about this place is at night, it turn into a coffee shop-mini bar, where one could enjoy alfresco dining. Beers and other alcoholic drinks are made available at night, so it's really a nice place to chill and unwind.

You may feel so full after the festive dining experience here at Café Sansó, so I suggest that you also visit the museum, which is also open to the public from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday, for a minimum entrance fee of Php100.00

For more details about Sansó Museum, you can visit And for more Café Sansó delights, you can follow them on Facebook

Happy eating!


  1. I keep seeing this place nga but never had the courage to enter! Hahaha...
    The sandwich looks really good!!

  2. Visit them! Love that sandwich!!!


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