Thursday, June 11, 2015

All-Day Buffet at The Round Table, Kapitolyo, Pasig

If you think you’ve had the best of Kapitolyo, Pasig, wait til you visit the newest member of the astonishing restaurants in this strip. An all-day buffet offering restaurant, foodies from this side of town will surely enjoy the wide variety of food selection of The Round Table.

A sweet little nook at the heart of East Capitol Drive, The Round Table officially opens its door a few days ago to share their well-selected dishes and come up with an all-day buffet seven days a week. If you are craving for something good, filling and really affordable, this a must-experience place in this side of town.

For those who love South American food such as the crisp flavors of country fried steak, hickory smoked finger ribs, salmon croquettes, and cajun chicken, drop by at The Round Table every Monday. Enjoy a comforting breakfast, lunch or dinner with some contemporary Latin flavors bound to satisfy everyone’s cravings. Aside from those, one can also indulge on to creamed potatoes, crab cakes, beef rolls and green beans with bacon which are set to take you on a culinary tour of the Latin America.

For Italian cuisine lovers like I do, Tuesday is our day! Visit The Round Table every Tuesday to get a taste of their best tasting pasta, salad, pizza and more. A grand tasting tour of Italy and all its scrumptious glory as the menu features a pasta bar filled with exciting options of spaghetti, fettucine, or penne complete with red and white sauce. One of the must-tries is the pasta amatriciana and its irresistible spicy tasty sauce which come from black pepper, guanciale (cured pork cheek) pecorino cheese, and tomato. Lovers of chicken and fish will also find satisfaction with Italian baked chicken and fish with garlic. Wonderful as a side dish, the eggplant parmigiana and roasted tomatoes and melted cheese on pesto crostini offer equal parts tasty and guilt-free.

Fill you midweek with some colorful and healthy delights as The Round Table features the savory Mongolian cuisine every Wednesday. One will surely release bursts of energy and excitement as the menu is all about hearty and heavenly Mongolian dishes. Savor delicately stir fried options of chicken, pork, fish or beef with vegetables topped off with gently seasoned sauces such as Mongolian, sweet soy glaze, and chili garlic. Since full-flavored mains with many mix-ins are enough to liven up the meal, a rice, vermicelli, or flat noodles as a satisfying pair will surely encourage customized versions.

If you think you had the best of the week with those offerings, you’ll be a patriot when Thursday comes as The Round Table shares it best Pinoy dishes all day. You’ll go gaga over its adobo sa mangga which possesses an interplay of salty and sour flavors, followed by the soul-satisfying sinigang sa miso. A well-sorted out strategy is a must for the mains as the menu is filled with swoon-worthy options such as tapa pasta, roast beef sisig, bangus sisig crostini, and sautéed pork mango with salsa on wanton cups.

And as a grand welcome to the weekend, Friday is all about the mouthwatering Roast Carving featuring the show stopping action of slicing and dicing a roast beef, roast pork loin, and herbed roasted chicken. Commingled with a refreshing tossed green salad with Q dressing plus an over the top bacon potato salad, this menu certainly feels like a complete thanksgiving for a week that was.

Weekends are made more exciting at The Round Table as they smartened-up menu version guaranteed to punch up the mood. For the two-day time off, diners are in for a surprise treat from Chef Mia starting off with the luxurious flavors of French, such as fish in champagne hollandaise sauce, braised beef in tomato ragout, or chicken provencal. A melting pot of sweet, spicy, and savory taste, the Asian menu is guaranteed to wake up lazy summer senses from the misono fried rice, pork buta kakuni, Asian orange chicken, and adobong puti. Last but not the least, the Spanish menu encourages a style of eating that is casual with a fresh take on favorite tapas and plato fuerte, from the pork salpicao, garlic chicken, fetas and gambas al ajillo, to paella valenciana.

Don't go home without trying their Carrot Cake - THE BEST!

More than its appetizing and stylish offering, The Round Table give a good value to everyone’s money – and I think that’s what their buffet offering if not the best but one of the bests in town. For Their Facebook friends – or those who will simply LIKE their fan page, you’ll only pay Php199.00 instead of the regular rate of Php295.00. Just visit to become one of The Round Table friends .

The Round Table is located at 56 C & D E. Capitol Drive 1603, Pasig. For booking and inquiries, text or call Ash Salonga at 09228948509 or call (02) 706 1668. For otehr updates, follow them on Instagram: @theroundtableph or visit website at

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