Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Open Your Mouth Wide with Chili’s New Big Mouth Burgers

You’ll surely have more than enough with these newest burger offerings of Chili’s. And when I say more than enough, I’m talking about the Chili’s pride – their mouthwatering, over satisfactory Deluxe Big Mouth Burgers!

Forget about those fancy restaurants, forget about those diets and forget about those fine dining, dig in, use your hands and open that big mouth of yours for you’re surely burp with these delectable burgers!

Chef Mc Koy Gabriel

The first on the line - this Gourmet Burger.

Gourmet Burger – Php375.00

A peppercorn crusted creation stuffed with fried pickles, gouda cheese and dijon aioli, a tasty combination that comes with a jalapeno-ranch dressing and large-cut fries for those who still craves for some extra sidings!

Two thumbs-up for this, my eyes popped wide open when they served this on our table. It was really huge! Perfect for fellas who have big mouths. Hahaha!

The next burger that we had was the ultimate Mushroom Burger.

Ultimate Mushroom Burger – Php365.00

A burger that is stuffed with rich mushroom sauce, Swiss cheese and onion strings.

Since college, I dunno what’s with Mushroom Burger that attracts me so much... Maybe the enticing look of the patty with the melting cheese on top it or maybe just the homey- taste of it making it a comfort food that I love to have every day. So now, with the release of Chili’s Ultimate Mushroom Burger, there’s no way that I will not be delighted. With its simple appearance on the table, I know I have to wash my hands and start taking it down. Hehe.

The third Deluxe Big Mouth Burger that I tried was the Smoked Meatloaf Burger.

Smoked Meatloaf Burger – Php330.00

A smoked meatloaf topped with crispy onion strings on a sesame seed bun with shredded lettuce, tomato and pickle. This also comes with Chili’s smoky ketchup and home-style fries.

If you are looking for a burger that is light and you can really take, well, THIS NOT IT! Hahahaha! Who would’ve thought that meatloaves are heavier on the tummy than those of the regular burger patties? I was surprise to feel so full after having just the half of this burger. The taste was no-doubt really good, but the look was really deceiving. This burger is not just perfect for those who have big mouths but also to those who have big tummies. I just wish that I was prepared that day to take this all down, but unfortunately, I wasn’t, so my friends got to enjoy the other half. Hehe.

And the last but the least, for those who are shy to admit that they have big mouths and big tummies, I know a lot of ladies are shy to admit that, Chili’s prepared something that will suit to your “pa-kikay” image – the Patty Melt.

Patty Melt – Php350.00

With its grilled burger on Texas toast, this burger/sandwich meal is stuffed with Swiss cheese, chipotle-glazed onions and crispy bacon. This dish is served with jalapeno-ranch dressing and fries for some additional kick to your taste buds.

One thing that I loved about this burger is the crunch on every bite. It was really exciting and kinda enjoyable that you’re having your burger with a crunch. The delicious fillings were perfect to one hungry tummy and excited taste palette.

And just any other meal, to wash away the crazy (in a good way) flavours of these burgers, there’s no other way but to end this indulgence with sweets! And Chili’s is very proud to share their newest dessert, (Yes, they have new dessert, too!) Banana Cream Pie!

Banana Cream Pie – Php200.00

Banana custard filling placed in a Graham Cracker crust, topped with fresh whipped cream then finally drizzled with caramel and cocoa powder.

Oh, this was just perfect! The sweet taste of banana custard filling refreshes your tongue making it crave for more sweets! I love it, and my Ermats love it too!

I know that after looking at the pictures and reading this blog, you can’t help but to drool over these amazing new offerings from Chili’s. Hahaha! You’re lucky enough that there are now 4 Chili’s branches here in Metro Manila that will satisfy you hunger. They have in Greenbelt 5, Northeast Greenhills, Tomas Morato and the newest one, the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell.

Give in and go to your nearest Chili’s branch!
And I hope we’ll see each other there! Hahaha!
I love burgers!

Thank you, Chili’s!

Chili’s Greenbelt 5 – 7293022
Chili’s Northeast Greenhills – 7272959
Chili’s Tomas Morato – 3725017
Power Plant Mall, Rockwell – 659-6527

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